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A Delightful Glimpse at Borderlands 2's Gameplay


With E3 2012 around the corner, Gearbox has, in a wise decision, temporarily given Borderland fans something to hold their tongues and eyes with two short feature videos. To those eager to watch the videos, be prepared. Borderlands 2 is surely exhibiting beautiful levels of promise and far exceeds its predecessor by simply surpassing basic gameplay fluidity and including extra, handy functions that compliment a game that intends to focus on Co-Op Multiplay. Many will be surprised at the numerous improvements shown in these videos. These videos can be viewed below.

Keep note of the plethora of improvements seen in the videos because Gearbox will almost inevitably give the masses more eye candy to devour at the upcoming E3 2012 showcase. The trading system embedded into Borderlands 2 is a welcome improvement and heavily influences healthy cooperative gameplay between players. Also notable are the upgrades to the Siren, a return class from the original Borderlands, and the brute known as the Gunzerker which will make a debut in Borderlands 2. Rather than fight with bone and skin, the Gunzerker feels more comfortable utilizing the power and security of combustion, explosive, and other weapons. Even his power ability leans towards those who enjoy tearing enemies asunder with a hellfire of bullets and rockets, for the Gunzerker will be able to dual wield weapons. As for the other teasing aspects of Borderlands 2 shown in the above videos, I recommend you watch them for yourself and enjoy what Borderlands 2 is bringing to the table in the upcoming Fall 2012 season. Change is a great thing. Gearbox will undoubtedly shed light on the other classes that have been exposed. Whether or not they please the Borderlands community by presenting more gameplay videos or demonstrations at the upcoming E3 showcase is up to them, but honestly it would seem reasonable that the coin will flip favorably for us Borderlands fans.
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