Today, Nintendo announced that the Wii Mini will be released mid November for the United States. The Wii Mini is currently only available in Canada and Europe. In the bundle, you will find the redesigned red system, a copy of Mario Kart Wii, and a red Wii Remote Plus controller with a Nunchuck. The games supported on the Wii Mini are the same as the Original Nintendo Wii, and can also be played on the Wii U console. It’s a cheap solution designed to attract younger gamers and all those who haven’t been able to experience the Wii's unique games and features.​
The Wii Mini is a smaller, yet nicer looking version of the Nintendo Wii. Unfortunately, the Wii lacks Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) and GameCube support, but this system can play every one of the 1,300+ games that Nintendo Wii has to offer. Last year, the Wii Mini was released in Canada and in Europe as a limited offer. Nintendo's Wii has recently been discontinued in Europe and Japan, although it is still available around the United States.​
Nintendo says that they are hoping to turn things around with the release of a variety of well known titles, such as Super Mario 3D World on November 22, along with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze in December. A few more known titles coming are Mario Kart 8, and Super Smash Bros, in 2014.​
Will you be purchasing the Wii Mini? If you already own a Wii Mini, what do you think of it? Let us know what you think in the comments below.​