7S Partner Green Man Gaming Begins Selling PS4 Codes

Se7enSins Gaming partner Green Man Gaming has begun selling PS4 purchase codes at discounted prices. The deals begin around 5% and help support...
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    Online game key retailer Green Man Gaming announced via press release today that it has partnered with Sony US to bring a bunch of PS4 games to its digital store. Buying game keys for the PlayStation platform is only available to those in the US.

    "The Sony US partnership brings us a step closer to achieving our vision of becoming the number one digital games retailer in the world," Green Man Gaming CEO Paul Sulyok said. "By offering our customers a wide range of digital games that they can play on their favourite platforms, we're giving the gaming community the ultimate multiplatform destination to shop, connect, and get the best insights online."

    Green Man Gaming offers pre-release PC games at sometimes surprising discounts. This means you might score similar discounts on PS4 titles like Uncharted 4, BioShock: The Collection, and The Last Guardian for cheaper than they'd cost on the PlayStation Store. We tested this, and games like Mafia III and Uncharted 4 currently offer a five percent discount off the regular price as long as you sign in with a free account. You can check out the PlayStation games page here.

    Se7enSins has partnered with Green Man Gaming and we have our very own discount code:


    To make that easier to copy and paste, our discount code is SE7ENS-INS20O-FFGAME

    To shop at Green Man Gaming and support Se7enSins, use the following link: http://se7ens.in/7sGMGRef

    Thanks for supporting us, and happy shopping!

    Source: GameSpot

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