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Big news for Persona fans hit during a livestream on May 5, 2016, in which Atlus stated that Persona 5 will take off on September 15, 2016, in...
  1. Zelkaar

    Big news for Persona fans hit during a livestream on May 5, 2016, in which Atlus stated that Persona 5 will take off on September 15, 2016 in Japan. This is exciting news, due to the game's delay back in 2015. A western release date is not yet confirmed, but is undoubtedly on it's way.

    An "Anniversary Edition" of the game was also announced, which will score you an art book, soundtrack, DLC, and more. 2016 is the 20th anniversary of the Persona series, which aired back in 1996 with it's first game, Revelations: Persona. Whether the game was intentionally delayed so it could be released on the 20th anniversary is unknown.

    Atlus also gave us a brand new trailer, check it out:

    The gameplay shown in the trailer looks amazing, and shows how you clearly have more freedom of movement than the previous games. You can see the hero teleporting and jumping, which seems to add much more dynamic gameplay than the previous entires to the series.

    Much like the two biggest successes in the series, Persona 3 and Persona 4, Persona 5 has an anime adaptation announced, called "The Day Breakers". It is unknown if this is merely an adaptation or if it will be an addition to the plot in some way.

    Regarding the game, Persona 5 Director Katsura Hashino said that the developers are trying to create a more humanized story than the previous entries, which saw a justice group chasing down a group of bad guys. This time, he's reversing the roles and is having a group of vulnerable teenagers being the ones chased. This way, they are creating a more personal and human story than they have in previous titles.
    What do you guys think? Anyone excited for this? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. leeman27534
    yes, i like how the different areascan be widely different, makes a change from p3/4 corridors. also, don't know about you guys, but i'm hoping theres a better fusion skill system than 'weighted random'. please, let us use skill cards or some way of adding skills a secondary way. random doesn't stop us. it just makes making our perfect demons more of a pain in the ***. spent an hour getting ragnarok, abs ice, fire boost, and some fourth move i can no longer remember onto seth in p3...

    and thanatos or lucifer... ack it could be hard getting them to turn out great.
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    1. leeman27534
      hell, i like the idea of skill cards that you can only use right after fusion, like you get the random lineup, then if you select that, you can change out a skill for one you have a card with. like my above suggestion, that means if you got three of four cards (ragnarok not likely to be carded) all you'd need in this case was 3/4, which i saw at least 100 times.

      Also, i kinda am looking forward to more skills, and are they gonna have gun specific skills, like IV did recently, as they have both melee/guns. might also like to see some more spells, maybe weaker elem based spells with status effects if the main owns don't have them, fear for fire, turn loss for frost, paryl for ele, one turn lowered speed/eva/acc for wind or something. think one of the actual ailments were similar... and nice stealth kill option! wonder if other aspects of battle can be skill based as well, like timed button presses or something.
  2. televisedfool
    Hurry up with the west release.. :banghead: Love the Persona series.
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  3. Jrgykins
    When will people play a reel shin moogoomi tenesei game
    1. EHEBrandon
      Been playing SMT since Noctourne. :wink: Personally though I like Persona a bit better as a series since there is more to it. Yes the combat may not be as challenging or complex in previous titles but there is just a lot more to it then just the combat.
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  4. EHEBrandon
    So hyped for Persona 5 I've been waiting for it since 2014. I just hope we don't get another Persona 4.. Don't get me wrong Persona 4 was good... But it was to happy and upbeat. Plus you couldn't really take the story seriously half the time. I want something a bit more dark and gritty like Persona Revelations, Persona 2 EP/IS, or Persona 3.. So far it does seem Atlus is going back to its roots more so I will expect a more dark story in this one and for it to be more serious. My only thing I hope Social Links are still there we didn't see anything about it yet. They did say they were there but in a new way..
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    1. Zelkaar
      While Persona 4 wasn't as dark as the others, I don't see anything wrong with it. Personally I was glad to not be playing as a little emo kid again.
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    2. EHEBrandon
      There isn't anything wrong with it. It was a great game and improved on a lot of mechanics from Persona 3. I'm just saying its good to go back to a dark and gritty tone like the originals without being a "emo kid" as you put it. XD Either way I just hope Persona 5 does great and is the best one out of them all.
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