Humble Bundle has been offering its monthly mystery bundles for over a year now, but the upcoming one might easily be the best one yet.

Humble Monthly is Humble's Loot Crate-esque subscription service where you get a mystery pack of games (redeemable on Steam) on the first Friday of the month. One of the games is always announced ahead of time, and for February, it's XCOM 2.

New subscribers can receive the game immediately by signing up now, while existing subscribers can choose to pay early to also obtain immediate access. Humble Monthly costs $12, which is substantially less than XCOM 2. Steam still sells it for for $60 and has never offered it for less than $30.

That makes the upcoming bundle a great deal regardless of what else you may get. For reference, the just-debuted January bundle came with Project Cars, Mother Russia Bleeds, Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, Neon Chrome, Jotun, Hopiko, and Kimmy. As a bonus that's been added since Humble Monthly first debuted, subscribers also receive 10 percent off on the Humble Store.

Those new to the service have until February 3 to sign up to receive the bundle with XCOM 2.

Source: GameSpot