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1 Million PS4's Sold in 24 Hours

  1. Keysnsamples
    The Playstation 4 has not only become Sony's fastest selling console, but the fastest any console has ever reached 1 million units sold. These numbers only come from North America (US/Canada), the PS4 will be released in Europe on November 29th and Japan on Febuary 22nd, 2014.​
    PS2 - 3 days to ship 1 million units,​
    Wii-U - 1 week - 400 000 console sold​
    Wii - 8 days - 600 000 console sold​
    Playstation 3 - 2 months - 1 million console sold​
    Xbox 360 - 2 weeks - 326,000 console sold​
    Sony Computer Entertainment president Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed these are units sold, rather than what has just been shipped.

    Earlier this week Jack Tretton said he was predicting 3 million sales by the end of 2013 and Sony is aiming to sell 5 million units by March 2014. With Europe's and Japan's launch right around the corner, I have no doubt they will be able to reach these numbers.

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