1. Pokemon Go Adds Shiny Meltan, But Only For A Limited Time

    Another new Shiny Pokemon has arrived in Pokemon Go. Beginning today, February 5, players will have a chance of encountering the Shiny form of the series' newest Mythical Pokemon, Meltan, but it'll only be around for a limited time.
  2. Fortnite Patch v7.30 Adds Bottle Rockets

    Fortnite’s latest content update is here with a few additions to patch v7.30. The biggest change most players will notice is likely the addition of bottle rockets, which are sort of like Fortnite’s version of an airstrike. Throw down the launcher facing whatever you want to hit and it will rain bottle rockets down on the area dealing damage to players and structures unlucky enough to be caught by the blasts.
  3. Pokemon Go Adds New Shiny Pokemon In Lunar New Year Event

    The annual Lunar New Year event has returned in Pokemon Go. From now until February 13, certain types of Pokemon will appear much more frequently in the wild than normal, and Niantic is offering players extra XP for catching and evolving monsters--as well as a chance to catch a new Shiny.
  4. Apex Legends Has A Battle Pass That's Just Like Fortnite's

    Respawn, the developer behind Titanfall and Titanfall 2, has released a new battle royale game called Apex Legends. Much like Fortnite, Apex will have a Battle Pass, and it works just like the one in Epic's battle royale game.
  5. Destiny 2 Will Change Clan System

    In this week’s This Week at Bungie — the studio’s weekly blog — Bungie revealed a bundle of small changes headed to Destiny 2 with season 6 and the Joker’s Wild expansion this March.