1. GTA Online’s Rarest Car Can Only Be Won In The Casino

    For years, Grand Theft Auto Online players have been obsessed with the Vapid Lost Slamvan, a vehicle that is unremarkable except for the fact that there is no normal way to obtain it. Players could use the Lost Slamvan in story missions, but they couldn’t actually keep the lowrider. Some players circumvented this through the use of glitches, but Rockstar was adamant about keeping the car blacklisted from fans.
  2. GT Sport Patch 1.41 Adds 5 New Cars

    This month’s update includes a selection of new cars including the iconic Honda Civic Type R (EK) loved for its lightweight and compact chassis paired with a lively high revving VTEC engine. In addition, Porsche fans will be able to enjoy driving the first Porsche production car which featured a turbocharged engine in the form of the 911 Turbo (930).
  3. Pokemon Go: Team Rocket Invasion Event Happening Today

    After numerous teases, Team Rocket finally made their debut in Pokemon Go earlier this week. The villainous trainers would "take over" various PokeStops around the world and challenge players to battles using their Shadow Pokemon. Although Rocket sightings up until now have been relatively rare, particularly if you live in rural areas, you'll have a better chance to encounter some Rocket grunts today, July 28, thanks to a special limited-time event.
  4. Fallout 76 Update: New Battle Royale Map, Raid Coming August

    Fallout 76’s Nuclear Winter battle royale is getting an urban map — specifically one set in Morgantown — and a new Vault raid, according to announcements from the game’s panel at QuakeCon 2019 yesterday.
  5. Team Fortress 2 Loot Crate Glitch Wrecks Virtual Economy

    A glitch in Team Fortress 2’s loot crate distribution at the end of this week guarantees the rarest type of virtual item — ones that can be legally resold for real money — in several types of loot crates, where ordinarily players have a one per cent chance or less of unboxing them.