1. Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire is the MMO’s next expansion, launching in September

    Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet announced today that it will launch the second expansion pack for its MMO later this year. Titled Path of Fire, that expansion will take players into a new region of the game’s world on a quest to confront a malevolent god.
  2. Pokemon Go's Next Legendary Is Now Live

    The next Legendary Pokemon has begun appearing in Pokemon Go. For a limited time, players around the globe will be able to battle and potentially capture Team Valor's mascot, Moltres.
  3. EA Access Vault Removing A Game For The First Time

    The EA Access Vault will, for the first time, shrink ever so slightly later this year. Electronic Arts has announced that it plans to remove FIFA 14, one of the games that launched alongside the Xbox One service back in 2014.
  4. Dreadnought’s Open Beta Hits PS4 Today, New Trailer

    Open beta is off the ground, which means the battlefields of the Solar System are now accessible to all captains! We’re adding new maps, launching a PS4-exclusive premium ship and continuing to improve core elements of the game.
  5. Resident Evil Revelations' PS4/Xbox One Release Date Revealed

    We already knew Resident Evil Revelations was coming to PS4 and Xbox One, but now publisher Capcom has announced when: the horror title will launch for Sony and Microsoft's latest consoles on August 29. In addition, the publisher revealed that Switch versions of both Revelations and its sequel will arrive in "late 2017."