1. Here’s how Destiny 2 will honor Destiny veterans

    By the time Destiny 2 launches in September, it will have been three years since the debut of the original Destiny. While Bungie and Activision are surely hoping the sequel will bring in a lot of new people, longtime Destiny players have been clamoring for Destiny 2 to recognize their achievements — and the fact that those folks have been there from the start, man.
  2. Steam Summer Sale's Best Anime Game Deals

    Valve has launched the annual Summer sale on Steam. Many of the featured games are anime-related and were originally Sony exclusives before coming to PC.
  3. Battleborn Adds New PvP Mode

    Hero shooter Battleborn has released a new competitive multiplayer mode. Supercharge pits two teams of three against each other in a different type of challenge. The new mode basically combines the game's existing Meltdown Mode, where you escort enemy minions to a section of the map to score points, and Capture Mode, where you must capture and hold locations to win.
  4. Blizzard to ‘drastically reduce’ Overwatch loot box duplicates

    If you’re a longtime Overwatch player, you probably know the pain of opening a fresh loot box, seeing a legendary item pop and having it turn out to be, say, a duplicate Zarya Cybergoth skin. It’s awful, you already have it and you get a paltry sum of credits as compensation. The good news from Blizzard today is that Overwatch players can expect to see fewer duplicate items in loot boxes in the future, according to game director Jeff Kaplan. In a developer update video that...
  5. Steam Summer Sale Is Now Live

    Right on schedule, Valve has launched the annual Summer sale on Steam. It brings discounts on a huge variety of PC games and introduces a new sticker book.