1. Pokemon Go's Special Community Day Move For February Revealed

    Pokemon Go's next Community Day is quickly approaching. The event is scheduled to take place around the world this Saturday, February 16, and now developer Niantic has shared a few more details about it, including what special event-exclusive move players will be able to learn this time.
  2. Rainbow Six Siege Adds New Operators And Map

    Rainbow Six Siege's next downloadable content will be Burnt Horizon, a set of operators and environments that pay homage to the continent of Australia. It accompanied the announcement with a short teaser that shows the Outback Map.
  3. Jump Force Pre-Order And Release Date Guide

    Bandai Namco is bringing the biggest Shonen heroes and villains together in Jump Force, a three-on-three tag-team arena brawler launching for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on February 15.
  4. H1Z1’s Third Season Brings Its Largest Update To PS4

    Two new game modes are coming to H1Z1 Battle Royale, in what Daybreak Games calls the game’s largest update so far on PlayStation 4. The update, like the game itself, is free and rolls out Feb. 21.
  5. Featured

    Star Wars: The Last Generation

    Let's be honest: Star Wars isn't as great as it used to be. The new trilogy is a shallow attempt at keeping the franchise going and EA's exclusivity license hasn't produced anything spectacular, and both fronts appear to be less successful with each new entry. So what gives? Strap into your X-wing and get the latest on all the newest Star Wars blunders.