1. 2K Acknowledges Problems With WWE 2K20, Patch Coming

    With the release of WWE 2K20 this past week, both critics and players alike noticed the game was filled with glitches. While some of these glitches are hilarious, it's extremely frustrating for players expecting a finished, polished game. 2K Games has addressed the problems, and a patch is coming.
  2. Here Is EA Sports’ Plan For Its Canceled NCAA Football Game

    A design document from the dying days of the dearly departed NCAA Football series shows developers struggling to save their ship, and reorienting the franchise around user-generated content in anticipation of the series’ many licensing partners abandoning them.
  3. Fortnite Kicks Off Halloween By Bringing Back The Skull Trooper

    Halloween is just around the corner and the spooky festivities are kicking off in Fortnite this week. The popular Skull Trooper and Skull Ranger skins are back in the item shop, each with a new style. There are also some new Halloween-themed skins as well.
  4. Xbox Live Now Lets You Choose Gamertag You Want, Even If It's Taken

    The big changes to Xbox Live Gamertags announced back at E3 in June have now gone live more broadly on the console, it seems. As announced previously, players on Xbox One can now choose Gamertag you want, even if it's already taken. If you choose a Gamertag that is already claimed, Xbox will auto-generate an ID suffix of numbers after an # symbol.
  5. Pokémon Go is finally getting online player battles in 2020

    Introducing the Go Battle League, Online player battles and a ranking system are finally coming to Pokémon Go starting in 2020. As of writing, players can only battle other trainers locally, with the exception of non-player characters that can be battled whenever.