1. Activision Call of Duty: Ghosts Shipped $1 Billion worth of retail


    Activision’s Call of Duty franchise is at it again, with another 'day to remember' in the gaming industry. This morning Activision announced that Call of Duty: Ghosts has shipped to retailers a total of 1 billion dollars. This puts the game in direct competition with Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5 that sold over $1 billion worth of copies to consumers in three days.

    Activision CEO Bobby Kotick stated that...
  2. ID@Xbox User get free Unity licenses

    ID@Xbox the indie developer program for the Xbox One was originally announced this summer, promising independent developers access to development software and development kits just announced they are also including a free license to Unity. Unity being very...
  3. Games with Gold - November


    We are now in the month of November, meaning Microsoft will now to our collection of games by giving us 2 free Xbox Live Arcade titles. Although this month's games won't match titles like Halo 3, they should provide hours of entertainment to those of you who have currently exhausted your pile of games.

    On November 1st,...
  4. Minecraft getting built in streaming


    At a Minecon convention in Orlando last Saturday, Twitch and Mojang announced a new partnership for Minecraft PC users. As it currently stands, 13 Million people have purchased and played Minecraft on their PC's, and all of them will soon have built in streaming support for

    Twitch is the most popular streaming website that has thousands of people streaming, and millions...
  5. PS Vita Update 3.00 is Available for Download


    The new PS Vita update is available now!​
    System Update 3.00 prepares your Vita for the PS4 and gives it a few more features aswell.​

    • PS4 Link - Application that allows you to control your PS4 remotely, whether it be to play PS4 games on the Vita via Remote Play...
  6. Xbox One confirmed to support Audio CDs, DLNA and Play To streaming


    In light of recent announcements, made by Sony, regarding the upcoming PlayStation 4 and how it will not support Audio CDs and DLNA at launch, Microsoft has stepped up to the plate and confirmed their console's playback and streaming capabilities.

    Speaking to PAR, it was confirmed the Xbox One will, in fact, support streaming technologies like DLNA, but also proprietary...
  7. $99 Wii Mini confirmed for U.S.

    Today, Nintendo announced that the Wii Mini will be released mid November for the United States. The Wii Mini is currently only available in Canada and Europe. In the bundle, you will find the redesigned red system, a copy of Mario Kart Wii, and a red Wii Remote Plus controller with a Nunchuck. The games...​
  8. Killing Floor: Review and Recommendation


    Flashback to 2005, Killing floor was nothing more than an Unreal Tournament 2004 “total conversion mod” with interest from Tripwire. Flash forward to 2009 Killing Floor is released on Steam by developers Tripwire (with the help of some of the original team). Flash forward to today and Killing Floor is still one of the best co-op experiences and horror shooters available to you. Utilizing a timed shop area as your main means of...
  9. Welcome PayPal to the PlayStation Store

    For a long time now, Xbox users have been able to perform purchases on Xbox LIVE with credit cards and PayPal. However, PlayStation users haven't had this privilege. This now comes to an end, since Sony finally integrated PayPal as a billing option under the PlayStation Store, which means you can directly fund your purchases within your PlayStation console.

    Having the option to pay with...
  10. Ubisoft Drops Online Pass System

    Online passes have been a plague this gen. In an attempt to hinder used game sales, they ultimately hurt the consumer. Earlier this year EA stated that they would no longer be using them and Sony also said that their first party titles will not have them anymore. Well yesterday Ubisoft had some news to share with us, that they will be dropping their online pass system too!

    On Ubisoft's...
  11. GTA: Online Stimulus Package coming next week


    An update planned to kick-start the economy on GTA: Online is going to be launched next week by the name of 'Stimulus Package', which consist of depositing half a million dollars to each player's bank account. This deposit will be made in 2 separate transactions, both of $250,000. The package will be available to anyone who played Grand Theft Auto Online during the month of October.

    After the 1.05 update, players...
  12. Android 4.4 KitKat - Faster, Slimmer and Smarter


    Today, Google unveiled their latest version of their Android-based operating system - Android 4.4 KitKat. The latest operating system is designed to work with both powerful and less powerful smartphones. This will not only appeal to a wider market, but should provide a more consistent experience across all Android smartphones. Before KitKat, some lower-end Android phones couldn't benefit from system updates. However, the release...
  13. South Park: Stick of Truth Delayed Again

    Sadly, once again South Park: Stick of Truth has been delayed. The latest scheduled release for the game was December 10th, however that has been pushed back till March 4th, 2014. Europe will see a slightly later date of March 6th. Stick of Truth will be available on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.​
    To help easy the pain, we have been given a 7-minute gameplay demo...​
  14. Nexus 5 launching today


    Today will be a big day for Android users! Google is expected to launch the highly anticipated Nexus 5 which will come with Android 4.4, also known as 'KitKat'.

    Apparently, the company will be unveiling the Nexus 5 today at 8am PST, and it will start shipping tomorrow November 1. Starting at 8am PST or not, we will still see the Nexus 5 before midnight, so stay tuned for more info.

    The Nexus 5 will feature a...
  15. iPad Air Benchmarks


    Benchmarks have been released and previous claims regarding the new iPad Air have been proven to be true, the new iPad Air has a 64-bit A7 chip running at 1.4GHz, scoring 1465 at the single-core tests while the multi-core tests ended up at 2643.


    Apple claimed that the iPad Air...
  16. Star Wars 1313: Images of What Could Have Been

    If you are a Star Wars fan much like myself, the announcement of Star Wars 1313 really got the blood pumping. Very little was known about the plot, but LucasArts developers revealed that players would be sent into the dark underworld of Coruscant in the shoes of a dangerous bounty hunter. Judging by the exciting gameplay trailer released at E3 in 2012, the game was set to be a third-person action/adventure...​