1. New Nintendo Switch eShop Sale Includes Some Great Games

    Like other digital storefronts, the Nintendo Switch eShop is ringing in 2018 with a limited-time sale. The Nindies New Year Sale is going on from now until January 15, and it offers discounts on a handful of great games for Nintendo's hybrid console.
  2. The Station Comes to PS4

    The Station drops you into a sci-fi mystery, serving up cosmic questions to ponder and problems to solve. Over a newly-discovered planet home to a hostile alien race, orbits a research space station. However, it has suddenly gone dark – all communication has ceased and the vessel’s stealth systems have shut off entirely. As a recon specialist sent to investigate the dark, ominous, puzzle-filled station, your only tools are your wits and the clues revealed through your augmented reality...
  3. PUBG Xbox One Update Out Now, Here's What's New

    When PUBG first launched on Xbox One in December, some fans criticized it, saying it ran a lot less smoothly on Xbox than it did on PC. However, developer PUBG Corp. has stated it will continue to improve on its hit battle royale game, and as such it has now released another PUBG update.
  4. Pokémon Go’s New Regional Exclusives Have Already Moved

    A pair of Pokémon Go’s latest region-exclusive monsters have already shifted to new locations, not long after players pinpointed where they could be found upon release.
  5. Here's What Monster Hunter World's First Free DLC Includes

    Capcom has indicated on a number of occasions that it will support Monster Hunter World with free post-release downloadable content. That includes the addition of new monsters to hunt, the first of which we now have some details about.