1. Nintendo Games Coming to Nvidia Shield In China

    Nvidia made a big announcement about its Nvidia Shield device today. The platform is coming to the gamer-rich country of China, and it'll support Nintendo games.
  2. DayZ is Coming to Xbox One First

    DayZ developer Bohemia has confirmed that the survival-action game is still headed to PlayStation 4, though players on that platform will have to wait a bit longer. A spokesperson for the developer told GameSpot that Xbox One owners will get the game first because the platform has an Early Access-style program, Game Preview, while Sony's PS4 does not offer anything like this.
  3. PUBG Desert Map Will Include This Brand-New Vehicle

    The massively popular PUBG is adding a new desert map, but that's not all. A retro-looking pickup truck is also being added to PUBG, and it'll be exclusive to the new map.
  4. Assassin's Creed: Origins Update Adds A New Difficulty Mode

    A big new update for Assassin's Creed: Origins is coming this month. In addition to adding a Final Fantasy Chocobo horse (yes, really), the update will add a new difficulty level called "Nightmare." As you could guess, this is going to make the game ultra-difficult. The official patch notes explain that enemies will be "more resilient to damages and more dangerous." There is no word, however, about what else is changed.
  5. For Honor Xbox One X Update Arrives Tomorrow

    Since the Xbox One X launched last month, many publishers have released updates for their titles to take advantage of the console's added horsepower. For Honor will be the latest to join the list of Xbox One X-enhanced games, as Ubisoft has announced it will roll out an update for the combat game tomorrow, December 5.