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    Fortnite Season 9 Update Now Available

    Fortnite Season 9 officially begins today and developer Epic Games has released lengthy patch notes detailing everything that is being added, tweaked, and changed to the wildly popular battle royale title.
  2. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Is Expected To Sell 8 Million Copies

    Electronic Arts has shared sales projections for a number of its upcoming projects such as Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, as well as the new Need for Speed and Plants vs. Zombies titles.
  3. The Division 2's New Loot Changes Canceled Thanks To Feedback

    Ubisoft has announced Title Update 3, set to go live in The Division 2 this month, will not increase the game's Gear Score to 515 like previously stated.
  4. Amid Plagiarism Accusation, Bethesda Removes Elder Scrolls Tabletop Game Adventure

    An Elder Scrolls tabletop RPG scenario has been pulled following accusations of plagiarism.
  5. Rainbow Six Siege Update; Patch Notes Revealed

    Rainbow Six Siege has long had a problem with team-killing, but developer Ubisoft has a new solution going live soon to help alleviate the issue. Reverse friendly fire, as it's called, has been in testing for a while and arrives on public PS4, Xbox One, and PC servers on May 8.