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  1. Borderlands 1 To Be Free on PSN


    To those who fortunately (in this case) own a Playstation 3 with internet access (who may unfortunately have not experienced the lawlessness world of Pandora) will be able to pack their console with a little more joyful digital content. Gearbox is to debut a free and full version of Borderlands on the Playstation Network on September 4th; a date two weeks from the upcoming Borderlands 2...
  2. Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Skin Pack 2 Out Now!


    To those fond of donning your favorite, iconic character skins on your Minecraft avatar whilst contemplating on what to build next on Minecraft, you may sport a smile on your face. Skin Pack 2 is now available on Xbox Live wearing a cheap price tag of only 2 dollars (160 Microsoft Points.) This skin pack adds a tremendous amount of exclusive skins...
  3. Neversoft Leak Reveals Possible New Modern Warfare


    Bear with me throughout the duration of this article. A huge disclaimer I would like to personally expose explicitly as possible is that this is technically pure rumor since there is lack of certifiable evidence to back up certain uncovered information pertaining to a possible Modern Warfare 4 or Call of Duty franchise installment. The source of all this information comes straight from an informant. Nevertheless enjoy...
  4. Nintendo Power to "Bite the Dust"

  5. EA to Further Butcher Command and Conquer