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  1. iPhone 5 Announced

    Submitted by Victory, edited by OctaVariuM:

    Apple has officially announced the release of the iPhone 5 in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco. Rumors spread, pictures leaked, but its now official.

    Lets jump straight to it, what are the differenced from the iPhone 4 or 4s you ask? Firstly, the iPhone will be 20 percent lighter, weighing 112 grams and a whopping 18 percent thinner. Next, the iPhone has been upgraded to a 4-inch 1,136 x 640, allowing for widescreen display....
  2. Black Ops 2 and More Join Special Microsoft Store Deal

    As part of a freshly unveiled deal from the otherwise so-called "stingy corporation," Microsoft is offering a hefty deal for those who purchase promotion friendly games from now until November 19th. Those that physically purchase qualifying games, or order it through a Mircosoft Store website, will snag a 10 dollar coupon and a valuable 1600 Mircosoft Points card, a 20 dollar value. The coupon and MSP card will arrive after the initial order has been shipped, so do not expect to reap the...
  3. Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy to Meet a Momentous Conclusion


    The Goddess makes her faithful reentry in the upcoming, and appropriately named, Final Fantasy XIII-2 sequel, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. With juicy tidbits of information coming forth from both Square-Enix’s 25th Final Fantasy Anniversary celebration from last weekend and interviews found on Famitsu, the least that can be said about the upcoming conclusion to the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy is that it’ll be like no other Final Fantasy...
  4. Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Reaches 3.6 Million Sold Copies!


    On August 27th, 2012, Mojang revealed that Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition has sold 3.6 million copies making it the best "best-selling," Xbox Live Arcade game ever in less than a month of release! Seen on his Twitter, Daniel Kaplan posted: “I was really surprised to see that 3.6 million people have now purchased Minecraft for Xbox.” This is a financially...