1. How it can be improved: League Play, Part 1

    David Vonderhaar’s endearment to the Call of Duty community, particularly the professional part of it, opened up a world of possibilities for fans of the franchise back in November, 2012. Inside the competitive community, one of the most...
  2. Xbox Live Update Process "Totally Unacceptable" for Free to Play Games, Says Wargaming CEO


    CEO of Wargaming, Victor Kislyi, was very straightforward with his opinion of Microsoft's online gaming service with regards to free-to-play games.

    Speaking with Polygon at PAX Australia, Kislyi expressed his distaste for the tedious process required to update games on Xbox Live, specifically lack of compatibility with a free-to-play model.

    "The good thing is with online games, sometimes if you...
  3. Apple Developer Center experiences hacking attempt

    Apple has announced that its developer center has been victim to a hacking attempt. Currently, they do not know who has tried to access their servers, but Apple doesn't want to rule out the possibility that personal details have been accessed and leaked. However, the company does know that the breach only affected developer accounts instead of regular iTunes/Apple accounts. A precautionary email has been sent...​
  4. Ubuntu Forums Hacked: 1.82 million emails and passwords stolen


    Yesterday, Canonical announced that a large security breach had taken place, resulting in 1.82 million user logins and emails to be stolen. Canonical posted a notice on the main page of its forum site saying that “the attackers have gotten every user's local username, password, and email address from the Ubuntu Forum's database.” Naturally,...
  5. DOTA2 is now on Mac and Linux

    DOTA 2 is now available for Linux and Mac OS. The Mac and Linux versions were released on the 18th of July along with the most recent patch. A Linux and Mac OS version of DOTA 2 was highly anticipated since valve has been porting most of their games to those operating systems. Linux and Mac user will be able to play with the PC users (as you might have guessed) and the gameplay will be the same. Now, there are...