1. Next Gen UK Games to Cost £55.00

    On the UK retailer GAME's PS4FAQ section this can be seen​
  2. League of Legends 3.9 patch discussion


    League of Legends is one of the most popular multiplayer games right now, with people streaming constantly on Twitch, a dedicated YouTube following, and the official forums flooded with daily traffic.

    Still, it seems the new 3.9 patch has gone relatively under the radar with all of the Jayce nerfing in PBE (the public beta testing version of LoL) news...and of course the endless...
  3. Google Maps is New and Improved for Android

    In May, a preview of the upcoming Google Maps was presented to Android users; sporting a redesign of the interface and some shiny new features. Google was clearly aiming to both impress users and provide an easy to use navigation experience.

    Designed to work on both Android phones and tablets, the new Google Maps features updated...
  4. Left Behind: Maverick Hunter

    This week, we'll be looking at Maverick Hunter. Things will be a bit different for this Left Behind. I had trouble finding a decent amount of information that could be arranged into the usual categories of Plot, Gameplay, How it failed, and how the legacy lived on. Instead, I'll be doing an overview of what information I was able to find. Now,...
  5. Grand Theft Auto V - Official Gameplay

    This is the official Gameplay video from Rockstar Game themselves, I hope you enjoy!​

    Here's a little background information on the upcoming game:

    Grand Theft Auto V follows the lives of 3 very different criminals who plot their chances of survival and success: Franklin, a street hustler looking for...