1. Left Behind: Super Mario's Wacky Worlds

    Left Behind: Super Mario's Wacky Worlds

    Well, here we are once again. It's Wednesday, and on Wednesdays I release a new Left Behind. Consistency is a wonderful thing, no? For a game that didn't even make it to the alpha stage, there was a surprising amount to write about it. That being said, today's entry is definitely what I'd consider to be one of the...
  2. Are Free to Play Games the Next Big Thing?


    As you might have noticed recently, there has been more and more Free to Play games (F2P), there are even F2P games on Xbox Live now, games like Spartacus Legend, Happy Wars or the upcoming World of Tanks! The question is simple: Are F2P games the next big thing? Even though there is no real answer for now, I think that it is, not only because there are more people playing the games but also because it's a lot more profitable...​
  3. PS4 dev kit designs unveiled!

    As many of us know the PlayStation 4's Development Kits have been out in the wild for a while now, but there hasn't been any type of leak or information on the design other than the controller.

    Well earlier in the week the FCC posted a few images of the Playstation 4 Development Kit and the console’s specifications. The Development Kit is sporting three USB ports on the front of the console, presumably USB 3.0 connections. It has the On/Off...
  4. Battlefield 4 Could Possibly Support 70+ Players


    As many of you know, Battlefield 4 will be releasing later this year in October and November (hopefully) with the next gen consoles. There are many rumors circulating that BF4 will support 70 players in a server, 72 if you take the Commanders into consideration. This does make sense considering that one of the new features in BF4 is the...
  5. Warframe will be cross platfrom with PC.


    As you may already know, Warframe will be one of the Free-to-play model games that will be coming to the PS4. The team behind it, Digital Extremes, are trying to get the game to 1080p, 60 frames per second on the PS4, but there is also something else they are trying to do: allow PC and PS4 players play together on Warframe!

    Here is what their...