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  1. Lightning to Grace the Gaming Spotlight Once Again

    Coming straight off Square-Enix's Twitter account comes pleasing news concerning the release date for Lightning Returns' debut trailer. As of now only tidbits of information can be found about the heavily anticipated and controversial sequel to Final Fantasy XIII-2, but on December 22nd that will change as Square-Enix will dispel anxiety and buff up Final Fantasy fans with a spell of excitiga!

    Aside from the picture posted on...
  2. Mass Effect 3 "MEHEM" Mod Overview

    Seldom does one see a gamer passionate enough a game to willingly and meticulously change the ending course of a game to fit their desires. Enter MEHEM, Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod, a modification created by DSOGaming for Mass Effect 3 designed to give an ending that "Shepard deserves," made by a diehard fan for diehard fans.

    MEHEM was created with one purpose in mind and that was to fabricate an ending that effectively remedies many of the controversial issues still present even after...
  3. A Loveable Dinosaur to Return on the Wii U

    You heard right: Yoshi is to be debuting on the Wii U with his very own epic adventure on the Wii U as indicated by yet another marketing mishap. Albeit being unannounced by Nintendo, Best Buy retailers in Canada have allegedly erected pre-order listings for the upcoming title dubbed "Yoshi's Land," before effectively taking down the listing on their website soon thereafter. Before being taken down on Best Buy Canada's website listing, Yoshi's Land was advertised in rather recognizable...
  4. Wii U Sells 400k Units on Launch Week!

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    Today, Nintendo of America's head, Reggie Fils-Aime, has revealed that the Wii U has managed to sell 400,000 units within its first week of sales!

    Black Friday looks to have been a massive contributor towards these figures, as they've surpassed Nintendo's projections for their US launch. Unfortunately the Wii U has failed to hit the staggering sales of its predecessor, the Wii, which accumulated an amazing 600,000 sales...
  5. Xbox 10th Anniversary - discounts and freebies

    Ten years ago Microsoft launched the first Xbox console. Since its initial release we've seen many changes; from the introduction of Xbox LIVE to the Kinect franchise. Xbox has evolved a lot since it first hit our shelves.

    As a thank you for all of the support, Microsoft is giving away a free arcade game - Wreckateer. This game will be available for both today and tomorrow entirely free of charge. Sadly, it's requires Kinect to play, so for all...