1. Ubisoft Database Hacked: Exposes Email Addresses, Passwords and Usernames


    Yesterday, Ubisoft announced that a hack of its database revealed email addresses, encrypted passwords, and usernames. Fortunately, no financial information was released. The company released a statement saying that the hackers managed to exploit one Ubisoft's websites "to gain unauthorized access to some...
  2. Runescape 3 release date announced

    Well well well, it looks like RuneScape -arguably one of the best MMO's of all time- will finally be getting another update, this time to RuneScape 3, on July 22nd. The biggest improvement will be no more java requirement as it moves onto HTML5. The java client will still be supported, but HTML5 would be the better way to enjoy the game. The move is good for a couple...
  3. Apple files for 'iWatch' trademark

    A concept design for what some Apple fans think the iWatch may look like.

    It's been a while since any concrete rumours have emerged on the alleged 'iWatch'. However, a report by Boomerang indicates that the world's most valuable technology company filed a trademark application on the 3rd of June for the term 'iWatch', in...
  4. Xbox One Kinect Able to Scan Redemption Codes

    Typing codes? That's so last-gen.

    Microsofts' Corporate Vice President, Marc Whitten, confirmed via twitter that the Xbox One's Kinect will have the ability to redeem/scan the QR codes.

    Background on the Xbox One Kinect: The new Kinect will be able to activate the Xbox One console by voice. It will have a 1080p camera compared to the VGA sensor on the original Kinect. The new Kinect will accomodate smaller and dense...
  5. Google May Crash Gaming Console's


    Google and Apple... A Gaming Console?
    Yes, as you may have known from a previous article, Google is working on a Android based gaming console. Also, in other news, Apple is working on something similar to a gaming console. ...