1. Apple announces new Mac and iPad lineups

    On the morning of October 23rd, Tim Cook and Phil Schiller made their way onto centre-stage at the press conference held in San Jose, to unveil Apple’s latest gadgets: the redesigned iMac, the 13-inch Retina Macbook Pro, the highly anticipated iPad Mini, and a fourth generation iPad.

    After disclosing some impressive iPhone 5 sales and iOS 6 upgrade rates, Apple’s CEO and Senior VP announced the arrival of the 13-inch retina display Macbook Pro. This...
  2. Yet Another Sony Hack Occurs

    A day ago, Sony released a new firmware update for the PlayStation 3. No one expected much of it, but the firmware, which was initially released to help fight off hacked consoles, ended up causing yet another security nightmare for Sony.

    As Eurogamer mentions, "
    The release of the new custom firmware - and the LV0 decryption keys in particular - poses serious issues. While Sony will almost certainly change...
  3. Halo 4 Leaks (Legendary Ending and Prologue)

    Let me start off this thread by saying that I WILL NOT be giving away any details about Halo 4 in this article. If you want to see what actually happens in the game, I direct your attention to the link at the bottom of the post. Please try and keep all comments about the game restricted to spoiler tags if you wish to literally spoil something. Any content you read from members cannot be guaranteed to contain no Legendary ending/prologue spoilers.

    Anyway, as you must have guessed by that,...
  4. Gamestop leaks BLOPS 2 Wave 4 Preorder Bonuses

    Many fans of Black Ops 2 have been waiting to find out what they will be getting from their Black Ops 2 preorders from Gamestop since they have been rather secretive so far. Well, fortunately for those fans, Gamestop has leaked the bonuses that will be given to those preorderers.

    Essentially, fans have to pick from three options: a multiplayer player card background, a land/sea/ and air sweepstakes entry, and Kawasaki sweepstakes (for what looks like a four wheel all-terrain vehicle)....
  5. Xbox LIVE adds the ability to unlock discounts via Gamerscore

    As the title says, Xbox LIVE has recently added the ability for gamers to unlock different discounts on products if they have attained a certain Gamerscore.

    As mentions, if gamers have between 3,000-9,999 g.s, you will receive a "special gift" on your birthday (this is also more incentive for gamers to actually update their profiles). If you have between 10,000-24,999 g.s, you will also get a 1% rebate on all Xbox LIVE Marketplace purchases each month. Those with...​