1. Spotify To Add a Merchandise Shop!


    One of the most popular music streaming services in the world, is soon to be releasing a merchandise section. They are doing this to help build their relationships with artist's and record labels, to possibly allow for them to get more tracks from other artists, and to allow the artists to get more out of Spotify.

    They have said that they will not take any...
  2. LG's Curved Phone Up For Pre-Order At AT&T On January 24th

    The next greatest thing for the world of technology and for the smartphone industry is soon to be released, on a LG phone, Flexible/Curved Screens.

    The LG G Flex will be available from AT&T and later T-Mobile. At first the LG phone will be on the market for $299.99 with a 2 year contract or on the AT&T's new...​
  3. Dead Rising 3 Update at 13GB!


    So if you didn't already start up Dead Rising 3 today, well then you are in for one huge treat.

    A new DLC is expected for the most anticipated zombie game of the year later this week, so the update may, or may not be in preparation for the actual DLC download.

    A 13 GB update for Dead Rising 3 was reported to be released for the Xbox One exclusively today.

    The update was first revealed in a Tweet...
  4. Pokemon & It's Evolution Through The Ages Part 1

    Pokemon has become one of the bigger franchises from Nintendo over the years, with exciting new titles coming out year after year and with it's two newest installments being Pokemon X and Y only recently released. But with the majority of us here who have played and loved at least one of the games, how many of you know the roots and history of Pokemon?

    First lets go all the way back to the beginning. The...
  5. Simcity Is Getting Offline Play In Next Update


    After a year of horrible reviews and the horrible "always online" requirement, Simcity is finally getting offline play.