1. China may lift console ban


    At the dawn of the millennium, Chinese authorities implemented a law banning all consoles from being sold within China, as a measure to "protect children’s mental and physical health". Today, an official Chinese newspaper has sparked rumors that the ban may be removed. In November 2012, Sony got a certification (lasting until 2016) that could be seen as an early step towards the removal of the ban.

    You may be interested to read that game consoles such as...
  2. PS+ February Line-up Announced


    For those of you unaware, each month, Sony reward their PS+ members with a flurry of free games and content as a thank you for paying for their service. For January, we seen the likes of Bioshock 2 and Mortal Kombat become free for PSN+ members, and February's lineup looks to continue this excellent trend of providing us with top notch games for free of charge.

    For February, we see the grossly underrated action...
  3. Dead Space 3 To Contain Micro-transactions + N7 Armour

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    With Dead Space 3's release creeping close, more news on what the game will entail has surfaced. The news has came directly from Eurogamer's preview of the game, where Yara Khoury, the associate produced of Dead Space 3, had this to say: "You...
  4. Sony to ditch the Dualshock design for PS4?


    With the next gen console rumour mill now in full circulation, more information has came to light concerning Sony's gamepad for the PS4. According to a source close to CVG, Sony are planning on leaving behind their trademark DualShock design in favour of a new biometric design, that'll contain a built-in screen.

    The source close to CVG states: "Experiments within...
  5. Skype to replace Voice Chat


    With all the rumors going around, it’s hard to differentiate the fact from the fiction. However, a new rumor suggests that after Microsoft forked out a staggering $8.5 billion to acquire Skype, they're now looking for a healthy return, by tasking Skype with taking over the voice chat for the next gen console.

    Being only a few months away from any official announcement, it comes to no surprise that rumors of the next-gen console (Xbox 720, or whatever you...