1. Games with Gold - November


    We are now in the month of November, meaning Microsoft will now to our collection of games by giving us 2 free Xbox Live Arcade titles. Although this month's games won't match titles like Halo 3, they should provide hours of entertainment to those of you who have currently exhausted your pile of games.

    On November 1st,...
  2. Minecraft getting built in streaming


    At a Minecon convention in Orlando last Saturday, Twitch and Mojang announced a new partnership for Minecraft PC users. As it currently stands, 13 Million people have purchased and played Minecraft on their PC's, and all of them will soon have built in streaming support for

    Twitch is the most popular streaming website that has thousands of people streaming, and millions...
  3. PS Vita Update 3.00 is Available for Download


    The new PS Vita update is available now!​
    System Update 3.00 prepares your Vita for the PS4 and gives it a few more features aswell.​

    • PS4 Link - Application that allows you to control your PS4 remotely, whether it be to play PS4 games on the Vita via Remote Play...
  4. Xbox One confirmed to support Audio CDs, DLNA and Play To streaming


    In light of recent announcements, made by Sony, regarding the upcoming PlayStation 4 and how it will not support Audio CDs and DLNA at launch, Microsoft has stepped up to the plate and confirmed their console's playback and streaming capabilities.

    Speaking to PAR, it was confirmed the Xbox One will, in fact, support streaming technologies like DLNA, but also proprietary...
  5. $99 Wii Mini confirmed for U.S.

    Today, Nintendo announced that the Wii Mini will be released mid November for the United States. The Wii Mini is currently only available in Canada and Europe. In the bundle, you will find the redesigned red system, a copy of Mario Kart Wii, and a red Wii Remote Plus controller with a Nunchuck. The games...​