1. FIFA 14 Free with every Xbox One Pre-Order in Europe!

    Today at Gamescom, Microsoft announced that a digital copy of FIFA 14 will come free with every Xbox One pre-order in Europe - so whether you pre-ordered the Xbox One today, or last month, you will still be eligible for this generous offer. The game will arrive as a digital download copy, and is expected to be one of the most...​
  2. Samsung's Galaxy Gear 'confirmed' for September 4th release

    An internet impression of the Galaxy Gear.

    The South Korean technology giant Samsung will be launching an Android-powered 'wristwatch-like' device next month, according to reports from Bloomberg. On the 4th of September, Samsung will reveal the Galaxy Gear; which is a smartwatch...
  3. Borderlands 3 is being planned


    Everyone knows that when the first Borderlands came out, Gearbox was making a very risky move. They were trying to bring something brand new and unseen to the Xbox community and, when it came out, it was a raging success. So Gearbox continued and produced Borderlands 2, which sold out all over the world with its amazing comic book graphics. Borderlands 2 did much better...
  4. Grand Theft Auto 5 Achievement List Released


    We've been getting some juicy information on Grand Theft Auto 5, this past week and now, we have a bit more. A brand new list of achievements/trophies to be included in the game has been released hinting at some of the greater challenges players will encounter.

    To become a master at this open world blockbuster, not only would you need to conquer challenges and tasks related to the...
  5. 12 Minute Gameplay of Dying Light


    Dying Light is a first person zombie survival horror game made by Techland, the team that brought us the Dead Island. This game has one trick up its sleeve to set it apart from every other zombie game we have played though, freerunning. You can use the environment to your advantage as you leap, slide, and climb your way to safety, getting around obstacles, or just to get around the map faster before nightfall comes.

    During the...