1. Gaming: A Bond Remembered

    In this article I reflect on the life of my sister and the love of games that defined our relationship. From Donkey Kong to Spyro to Call of Duty, the one thing that never changed for us was the fun we had sitting on the couch playing our favorite games together.
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    Se7enSins 14th Year Anniversary!

    Today we celebrate the 14 year mark since the creation of Se7enSins. With each passing year, our family of sinners grows, and with that growth brings new and more information that helps shape us as a community! For this, we are going to have a couple of contests with some awesome giveaways!
  3. Lots of Girls Play Video Games Online, They Just Don't Want You To Know

    In a chapter in the "Teens, Technology, and Friendships" report released earlier this month, a pretty picture is painted describing the benefits of online gaming and social media in terms of helping male teenagers find new friends. "Girls who have met new friends online are more likely to meet them via social media (78% vs. 52% of boys), while boys are...
  4. Taking a Journey Through the Fallout

    Fallout. The name alone is enough to remind us of all the interesting characters we met and all the times we wandered into the wrong area and met our end, only to come back later with Power Armor and gatling lasers to get our revenge. For those unfortunate enough to never have played Fallout, you will have the opportunity to experience this and much more when Fallout 4 is released on November 10, 2015.
  5. Battlefield 1: The Game That Will Succeed Where Call of Duty Has Failed

    Here it is Battlefield Nation... Battlefield 1 is the next title in the franchise! Do not worry though my friends, this game will not be going the futuristic route. On the contraire, as Battlefield 1 will be heading to the past, where brutal, all-out war first began.