Xbox 360 Blown Fuse

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    My jtag xenon recently got rrod so I went ahead and did the x-clamp fix on it. When doing the x-clamp fix in order to hold the mobo and heat sinks down I screwed everything down to the xbox's metal case like in this tut: but like the idiot i am lol, I forgot to use some rubber washers. So when i plugged my xbox in and turned it on I heard a poping sound and now the power brick doesnt even turn on. I know i blew a fuse in the power brick so I added some rubber washers to the x-clamp fix so it wont blow a fuse ever again. But what im wondering is, do you guys think the mobo is damaged? or is it just the power brick thats dead? I want to make sure before I go spending $50 on a new power brick.
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    Its the power brick trust me, EB games $40 if you plug the power bar in and the light does not even turn on its the brick.
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    yes, its the power brick, not the motherboard. ill sell a PSU for $30, practically new :D