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When will someone release the 4.11 CFW

Discussion in 'Playstation 3 Support' started by BiiLLYz MODz, Mar 4, 2012 with 4 replies and 3,058 views.

  1. BiiLLYz MODz

    BiiLLYz MODz Enthusiast

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    Just want to host again
  2. xcashmoneyx7

    xcashmoneyx7 Retired Retired

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    Whenever someone finishes one.

    If you want it sooner, help KaKaRoTo with the ECDSA algorithm.
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  3. L4N3L

    L4N3L You shall not think! Retired

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    Probably never. No one (That's a developer) is even planning on making one.

    KaKaroto is working on a hombrew enabler program, without peek and poke (Therefore without patched level permissions), and that's as close as it gets, if he can even finish it.
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  4. Riku

    Riku Getting There

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    probably will never happen unless Sony drops the ball on security.

    OFF-TOPIC: Maybe someone could sticky a thread saying there is currently no jailbreak for firmwares above 3.55 and the only way to downgrade your PS3 console is with the E3 flasher
  5. seanpr92

    seanpr92 Getting There

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    whent kataroko releases the 4.00 as he said it still works on 4.00 and up but once it hits be prepared for sony to patch it