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[WARNING] Windows Surface Pro 2

Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows' started by Cafe, Dec 17, 2013 with 0 replies and 160 views.

  1. Cafe

    Cafe ○ Espresso Yourself ○

    I bought a Windows Surface Pro 2 on Black Friday... Unfortunetly, I broke the screen two days after I bought it. I went looking for a repair service in my city, and there was none. NONE. To my suprise, it is really, really difficult to get these tablets repaired! I sent my tablet to Microsft, because they told me I can send it in, and they repair it in under a week! Not only is the price to repair the screen expensive, but it's been almost three weeks now, and no sign on my tablet anywhere. I called them to talk about it, they said it is still being repaired. For everyone who buys a Surface Pro 2, be warned about the repairs! To the people who own the Surface RT. They supposedly are am easier fix.