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Discussion in 'Xbox 360' started by XDrChaseACULAX, Jan 22, 2014 with 2 replies and 636 views.

  1. XDrChaseACULAX

    XDrChaseACULAX Enthusiast

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    Hey guys and gals, I'm back again this is your boy XDrChaseACULAX, seems to be I got my RGH back up and running again, aside from the occasional sticky disk tray -Spurt Spurt- XD
    I was wondering, what is the better file hosting for downloading games from well everyone knows where to get their games from ;) ULTRMEGABIT.com or FileHaste.com?
    What is your personal opinion?
    Also, does anyone have a promo code to UltraMegabit? Does it give you a discount or what? If so, pass that along to me please and thank you.

    Regards, your favorite person in the world,

  2. Supremejudge115

    Supremejudge115 Newbie

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    I Just got out of a Little bit of an Ordeal with Filehaste They have an Unsually method of Cancelling their 1 month Premium Recurring Payment Method, and horrible Customer Service. Im not to sure about Ultramegabit but Oteupload Now known as Filehaste has Major issues and would say stay away. :)
  3. Cynder

    Cynder Member

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    I use IPTorrent as they require people to seed there torrents, and is always legit