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    One hell of a [Click here to view the link] mod.​
    [Click here to view the link] is a goon made character and inventory editor for [Click here to view the link].
    Currently, TerrariViewer allows you to edit your player's name, HP, mana, hair, character colors, armor, accessories, inventory and piggy bank.
    You can also randomize your characters colors and hair by click on the corresponding buttons on the "Character Editor" page.
    Features and usage (pay no attention to the video title, it is wrong):​
    A more in depth usage guide from the documentation:​
    Using TerrariViewer
    When you first open TerrariViewer, it should look like this:
    Selecting a player file:
    From there, you have three options.
    • You can select a player file from the drop down list. (These files are from the default player file directory)
    • You can open a player file that is located in a non-default directory
    • Or you can create a completely new character by using the Save As button to create a new player file
    Stats Editor Tab:
    This tab has controls to edit the following:
    • Player Name
    • Hardcore Mode
    • Current HP
    • Current Mana
    • Max HP
    • Max Mana
    The number currently shown in the Max HP/Mana numeric boxes is the value that they are equal too.
    The "Restore HP and Mana to Full" button sets your Current HP/Mana to the value of your characters Max HP/Mana
    The "Give Max HP and Mana" sets your characters Max HP/Mana to Terraria's support Max HP/Mana
    Character Editor Tab:
    This tab has controls to edit the following:
    • Player colors
    • Player hair style
    To edit a specific color, select the radial check box next to that color's color box. The RGB values for that color will then be shown on the right.
    You can also use the "Randomize Colors" button to randomize all the colors on your character.
    To edit your hair style, change the number in number box on the left. Your hair style will change to match.
    You can also use the "Randomize Hair" button to randomize your character's hair style.
    Armor/Accessory/Vanity Tab
    This tab has controls to edit the following:
    • Armor slots
    • Accessories
    • Social slots
    To edit an equipment slot, select that equipment slot's picture box. A list will appear on the right with the items that are capable of filling that slot.
    Inventory Tab:
    The controls on this tab allow you edit the items in your inventory
    To edit an inventory item, click its picture.
    You can then use the search box to find a specific item. Alternatively, you can click one of the buttons to help narrow down your options.
    Once you have found the item you would like, click on that item's name in the "Items:" list on the right. The inventory picture you selected earlier will then be replaced by the item from that list. The stack size is automatically set to the max for that selected item.
    To quickly give your items in your inventory the max stacks, click the "Set All To Max" button.
    Bank Tab:
    The instructions for the Inventory tab work exactly the same way for the Bank tab.
    Buffs Tab
    This tab allows you to edit your players buffs.
    To edit or add a buff to your player, click on the picture for that buff.
    A new box will pop up (shown below).
    From there, select a buff from the list on the right and click accept. Clicking "Cancel" will cancel your changes.
    After selecting a buff, the max time for that buff is automatically given.
    The "Max" button next to each buff will set the Buff to it's supported max time.
    Q: Does TerrariViewer support pirated versions of Terraria?
    A: Currently, TerrariViewer does not support pirated versions and, as of now, has not plans to in the future. This is easily misunderstood: the developers do not support piracy, the tool does however does work with pirated copies.
    Q: Does TerrariViewer flag you as a cheater?​
    A: TerrariViewer does not flag you as a cheater unless you specifically say so.​
    Q: Does TerrariViewer allow you to give a player higher than normal HP/Mana/Item Stacksizes?​
    A: As of v4.4 TerrariViewer allows higher than normal values. You must select the "Allow 'Cheating'" checkbox to do so.​
    Q: How can I let you know about bugs?​
    A: You can use the Issue Tracker Page or message me on Twitter​
    Q: Are you looking for help?​
    A: While I don't mind help, I'd rather discuss your suggestions/fixes with you before I accept them.​
    Q: Where can I add suggestions?​
    A: Suggestions can be added on the Discussion Page​