Smurfs Village Hack / Cheat 1.1.2 NEW!

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    Well i haven't been on this site for like a year but YouTube won't let me put this tutorial in a discipion box and i'm like wow let me put this on 7s been mad long so i did.. boom roasted..

    This is a tutorial for giving yourself as much Smurfberreis as you want in Smurfs' Village a solid iPhone game


    Here's is a written tutorial i made on how to do it you can follow while watching the video


    1. Step one: Have a jailbroken iPhone connected to your wifi network – look up how to jailbreak if you don’t have one
    a. Download Open SSH from Cydia. (just click search Cydia and type it in.)
    b. If you on MAC download and intall
    i. - for connecting to your iphone SSH - for editing game files
    c. If your on windows download and install
    i. Download WinSCP: http://sourceforge.n...up.exe/download (Run the installer, at the end it asks you to restart your computer, click "no.")
    ii. Download Hex Workshop from here: (Once again, run the installer, pretty easy, then at the end it will ask you to restart your computer, that's when you click yes, but remember to bookmark this page before.)

    2. Step Two: (You need both your iPod and your computer for this step. Make sure your ipod internet is on (wifi), and make sure airplane mode is off.)
    a. Now follow my video for connecting through SSH. It should be the same for both MAC and Windows – open a new connection
    i. Where it says "Host Name:" Go to your iPod, click settings, click Wi-Fi, click the blue arrow beside your network connection, and where it says "IP Address." that's your host name. E.g 192.***.*.** or 10.***.***.***
    ii. Where it says "User Name:" You put "Root."
    iii. Where it says "Password:" You put "Alpine."
    iv. Make sure if you on Cyberduck for SSH its changed to “SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)”

    3. Step Three: Now follow the video as you read this. It will open into "/private/var/root." (if it doesn’t don’t worry)
    a. Go back or up one folder there will then be a lot of folders to choose from under the var/ folder.
    b. Then double click on the folder that says "Mobile." And go to "Applications." Now you have to go through that whole list until you find Smurfs Village App. Depending on how much Apps you have it could be a very long list..
    c. Click documents, then in the search bar type in “.smurfmap” "
    i. Then drag these three files to your desktop
    1. “MAP_GC_G_196365781.smurfmap” “safebackup.smurfmap” “timedbackup.smurfmap”

    4. Step Four: open HexEdit (mac) or Hex Workshop (windows)
    a. Click “File” then “Open” either “MAP_GC_G_196365781.smurfmap” “safebackup.smurfmap” “timedbackup.smurfmap” (It doesn’t matter which because you will edit them all in the end but I prefer starting with “safebackup.smurfmap”
    b. Scroll all the way down to the bottem and on the right there should be something that says “my village” or something similar to that
    c. Now use this hex calculator to convert the amount of smurfberries you have into HEX code so I had 17 and when I converted it into Hex it ended up being 11. I search the bottom of the code opened by the “my village” and found a sting that was 11 00 00 00.
    i. Now change this number by backspacing or highlighting and overwriting (your file cant be bigger or smaller than it originally was so if your changing the number you must delete the number there before even if it was 00 backspace it)
    ii. I used 3388 and it gave me roughly 34,0000 smurfberries
    iii. Then click save. Don't create a backup.
    iv. Then you have to do that the Hex edit steps again, with the next two files, depending on what you did first. Then save that. You can close Hex Editor now.

    5. Step Five: IMPORTANT
    a. If you kept WinSCP/Cyberduck open like I hope you did then awesome, if you didn't open it again, and find your Smurf Village App again.
    b. Then under the documents folder look for file called “tempServerFile.dat” and make a backup on your desktop then delete it off your iDevice.
    c. This is to stop them from knowing you changed your data and blocking you from game center on this app

    6. Step Six:
    a. All you have to do is drag the edited files from your desktop to the documents folder on your iDevice. It will ask you for each file to overwrite it, click yes.
    - Do that for both.
    - If you get a connection error then just reconnect and try again, if it happens keep trying, it happened to me once

    7. Step Seven:
    a. Enjoy, you now have unlimited, or however much you chose of smurfberries.
    - if you have any problems, or questions, feel free to ask.

    (some of this tutorial was ripped from http://*Censor*.com/3uat47z edited by me for the new way/version I found out how to hack it)Mad credit tho to this guys original post wouldn't have had the idea without his original post
    Sorry about the crappy layout wrote this in Word and came out fugly here :/

    Aright be good L8rrr
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    Thank you for your efforts.. BUT :biggrin:
    can you please modified the tutorial for Ipad

    because there is only timedbackup. they make other file names in the ipad version
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    ug haha if i do get free time again i will try. if its only timed backup in the ipad version also look for default01.smurfmap maybe they didn't update the security on the ipad and all you have to do is edit those two files or just edit the ones that have a .smurfmap in the end of the file name and that have your exact berry ammounts in hex at the bottom of the file by "my smurfvillage".
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    Try this..for smurf village 1.1.3