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Simplified CEX2DEX Tutorial

Discussion in 'PlayStation 3 Modding & Tutorials' started by xcashmoneyx7, Aug 14, 2012 with 5 replies and 2,108 views.

  1. xcashmoneyx7

    xcashmoneyx7 Retired Retired

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    1. Dump your CEX flash in multiman:
      To dump flash: mmOS->Select any file->Open in HEX viewer->[SELECT]->[START]->DUMP LV2(NO)->DUMP LV1(NO)->DUMP FLASH(YES) .
    2. Install + Run eEID_RKDumper.pkg then get your eid_root_key from dev_hdd0/tmp .
    3. Load your CEX flash dump and eid_root _key in CEX2DEX to create your DEX flash (if your files dont show when trying to open them in CEX2DEX type *.* and all files will show).
      (For NOR flash rename it to my-DEX-flash.EID0.NORBIN , for NAND my-DEX-flash.EID0.NANDBIN)
    4. Start up Multiman (the version linked above in thread only) and press X twice on your new DEX dump, select yes 3 times and it will be installed. Reboot and install the DEX firmware of your choice (you can choose any OFW DEX firmware available including the 3.55 Downgrader from ps3devwiki, located here. Also get Exeedy's 3.55 MFW here, it has all the CFW features you'll need.
    • You can play retail discs above 3.55 on DEX, and can also run a lot more games than CFW / True Blue.
    • You will lose Blu-ray playback after converting to DEX but it should return after flashing back to CEX
    • All retail discs will work on 4.11 DEX converted console as of today.
    All credit goes to DEREK-TROTTER.​

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  2. Afatassninja

    Afatassninja Chris farley

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  3. gamebeatter

    gamebeatter Premium Premium

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    this is a little botched... doesnt say if its for NOR or Flash consoles.
  4. jay turns

    jay turns Contributor

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    it says it is for both in the tut, i am installing dex 4.20 now.
  5. Chips 98

    Chips 98 Contributor

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    i run the eEid_RKDumper but it goes to a black screen then back to the xmb. when i go to the dev_hddo/tmp path there isnt any eid_root_key file. any idea what im doing wrong? im running true blue cfw and on the Fpsn spoof as well
  6. omarboflot

    omarboflot Newbie

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    same here its not clear why or what happens i get to 80010017 error code so not doing it till that is resolved
    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 23, 2013 ---
    same here its not clear why or what happens i get to 80010017 error code so not doing it till that is resolved