Rocksmith Custom Songs Idea...

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  1. XAaronJohnstonX

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    Okay so i was on my jtag playing rocksmith and i thought i would take one of the dlc and try to extract it to experiment with custom songs... i took le fluffie and extracted the dlc file and got 4 files, 2 psarc files, a txt file and a bin file. i took psarc for extracting ps3 files and got the ogg to the song and everything... does anyone know if its would be possible to make custom songs this way. somone should really look into it. i want custom songs they never release the right songs for dlc i want modern rock and hard rock...

  2. huppys

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    Hey XAaronJohnstonX,

    do you want to mod this game for PC?
    I'm interested in custom songs as well. I received the game yesterday (without a registration key, as many other rocksmith enthusiasts) and I'm still waiting Ubisoft to send me registration key to install the game. After this I will analyse one of the dlcs as you already did. Maybe we can work something out?