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    If you want to make a menu but you can't code then this can help you. :wink:

    Note: This is made for WaW, I don't know if it works for other CoDs.
    It's a Beta so you're probably going to run into bugs. Report them to me if you find them.
    You should probably test the codes before you make a disc for it, if you're going to.

    What you can do with it so far:
    • Make a Menu.
    • Choose colors for the Menu.
    • Customize the text.
    • Custom Shaders(only 2 at the moment).
    • Add Credits.
    • A few other Advertisements.
    • Add welcome text.
    • Choose where you want the menu.
    • And more to come!

    Virus Scan:

    Download: [Click here to view the link]

    How to use it:
    Since apparently it's not easy enough already I'll make a tutorial for some of you..
    • Step 1: Download it.
    • Step 2: Start the program. (Double click the icon) Now you're done with the hard part.
    • Step 3: Now you want to make your menu names. In the "Menu Options" tab go to the section that says "Menu Names" then choose what you want all the names to be.
    • Step 4: If you want color for you menu names go to the "Colors" section in the same tab and choose some colors.
    • Step 5: Add your Functions. Same tab, "Menu Functions" section. Say you have a Function DoSomething(input){ input here; } Put the "DoSomething" part in one of the Functions WITHOUT the "(input){ input here; }". Also DON'T include the "::", the program does that for you. If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry about it.
    • Step 6: Add your Inputs. Also same tab, "Menu Input" section. This is what goes in the (input) part of your function. Put your Input in the same row your correct Function is in. Do not include the "()" around it. If you don't have any input for that function, leave it blank.
    • Step 7: Now go to the tab "Text Options". This tab you should not need any help with, if you want to use something enable the check box then put whatever text you want to use in the boxes. Just don't use too many..
    • Step 8: Go to the "Menu Structure" tab. This is the display like what the menu looks like, where it's at, what color it is, etc. Click all the drop down boxes and choose the shader you want to use, then the color, then the alpha. The alpha is the transparency.
      Then when you finish all those click one of the Menu Position check boxes.
    • Step 9: Go back to the "Menu Options" tab and go to the bottom and click "Generate".
    • Step 10: A window with your code for your menu should come up, but it isn't completed yet. Now you want to add the codes for the functions you called. Go to the very bottom, or wherever else, just don't mess up the code that's already there.
    • Step 11: Now add your code, I'll use the same example code from earlier. You would add this "DoSomething(input){ input here; }" into the code box.
    • Step 12: Copy all of the code in the text box, then paste it in your GSC and thread whatever it tells you to thread at the top in the text box.
    • Step 13: Test the codes, have fun.

    If you still don't understand something, tell me and I'll try to explain it better.
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    Ripping someone's program I see?
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    You need a Jtag of this to work dont you? like to run it.
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    Is this for JTAG, or does it make a save that you load up on retail?
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