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Plug a Xbox 360 controller into computer

Discussion in 'Xbox 360' started by mariomaniac33, Feb 24, 2008 with 6 replies and 30,250 views.

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  1. mariomaniac33

    mariomaniac33 Enthusiast

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    I was just wondering what would happen if you plugged an xbox 360 controller into a USB port on a computer. Would it work as a gamepad, or would the computer freak out or ignore the controller entirely? Is it possible that this could damage the controller in any way (power exceeding or not enough power to controller for instance)? If anyone has every used a Xbox 360 controller as a gamepad, please let me know.
  2. killer8463

    killer8463 Premium Premium

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    you have to have the one specific for computer.
  3. Insomniac190

    Insomniac190 Newbie

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    Any wired 360 controller will work. Not wired with the charge cable though. Wireless ones need the receiver.

    I used my wired 360 controller as a gamepad for a GTA:SA online mod.

    You may have to find the drivers but I cant remember if mine was automatically found or not.
  4. Th3Forgoten

    Th3Forgoten Newbie

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    Okay Yes You Can Plug Your 360 controller in but it has to be wired (not plug and play wire) or have a 360 reciever
    If you are using it for games i would recomend Pinnacle Game Profiler
    I use it for Counter-Strike:Source and Cod4 Pc and this program is amazing
    it does everything for you
    Add gamepad / joystick support to any game - Pinnacle Game Profiler
    and no the controller doesn't break or just says USB Hub Power Exceeded on windows
  5. olemiss2009

    olemiss2009 Enthusiast

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    i dont know

    i dont know cuz i have a wirless controller
  6. Supermagma

    Supermagma Getting There

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    yh i used pinnacle for the godfather...but mine was only a trial :frown:
  7. Venomous Fire

    Venomous Fire Retired Admin 4 Life Retired

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    You have alot of half answers here....here is the full skinny:

    Wired controller = good to go, plug it in and play on Vista, plug it in and Get the drivers from microsoft on anything else

    Wireless = Buy the wireless receiver at WalMart or Best Buy or something, sync them up like you do the console, and play
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