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Xbox 360 Origins EE Step 1 Complete

Discussion in 'BO2 Zombies' started by FineNerdsS7, Aug 27, 2013 with 728 replies and 192,543 views.

  1. FineNerdsS7

    FineNerdsS7 Seasoned Member

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    Easter Egg Completed! :D

    Number of req. players: 1
    Number of total Steps: 8 (0 - 7)
    Difficulty (1 - 10): 9

    The 8 steps follow the 8 Steps of Vorkuta

    Step 1: Secure The Keys
    Step 2: Ascend form darkness
    Step 3: Rain Fire
    Step 4: Unleash The Horde
    Step 5: Skewer The Winged Beast
    Step 6: Wield a Fist of Iron
    Step 7: Raise Hell
    Step 8: Freedom

    Step 0:
    Build the Phonograph:

    - Get Disc (Tank Station near Generator 2)
    - Get the Phonograph (Under PaP, on the ground next to the table you set it on)

    Build the 4 staffs:

    Fire Staff:

    - Get disc (Near Juggernog)
    - Shoot down plane (Has to be raining)
    - Kill Panzer Soldat or from Reward Box

    Wind Staff:

    - Get disc (Near Generator 6)
    - Go inside of Odin (Middle)
    - Go inside of Thor (Right or the side with Generator 2)
    - Go inside of Reiya (Left or Church)

    Thunder Staff:

    - Get disc
    - Collect parts from the platforms via tank
    - When the tank goes by Juggernog there will be a platform to your right with a part on it
    - The tank will then rest at the Tank Station until ready. Once it is cooled down, start it up and the next platform will be on the excavation site to your left.
    -The tank will then near by the Church. Right before the church, on your left, there is a path way that you jump on to go inside of the back end of the church to get the last staff piece

    Ice Staff:

    - Get disc
    - Dig up dig sites (Has to be snowing out)

    After crafting all 4 staffs, pick them up and Samantha will say that step 1 is complete.

    "My father couldn't save me, you can. He promised me. When the final steps are taken, the gate to Agartha are going to open. My father said the staffs aren't powerful enough. The power is in the ancient rituals. Go into the chamber of secrets. This is step 1"
    Step 1:
    "Secure The Keys"

    Go to the Crazy Place with all 4 staffs and solve the 4 riddles


    - Fill the cauldrons by killing zombies near the cauldrons with the fire staff


    - Align the symbols properly with the wind staff

    Credits: xJHubx


    - Play the piano in order corresponding to the chords on the wall with the lightning staff (Treble Clef)


    - Hit the symbols in the correct order with the ice staff. The blue tile on the wall represents which order you need to shoot the tiles floating in the.
    Once you have completed these steps Samantha will say, "Step 2: Ascend from darkness!" while you are in Zombie Blood
    Step 2:
    "Ascend From Darkness"

    The Keys:

    While in zombie blood mode after step 1, you will hear a quote saying "Secure the keys." The 4 keys are the elemental orbs that you receive after completing each elemental challenge.

    Glitch - Makes doing this step go by a lot faster
    There is a glitch we just found that makes step 2 a lot easier and less time consuming.

    You must put the ice staff inside Freya.
    After that put the fire staff inside its holder.
    Switch the fire staff for another staff other than the ice one.
    Put the fire staff back and step 2 should be complete.
    The Lighting Challenge:

    Switch all of the sparking dials into the proper positions. Once done, go to the staff room and line the blue highlighted parts of the wheel up with the orb. Once you shoot the orb it will fly up and the rings will reset

    The Wind Challenge:

    You will shoot the the 3 balls around the map that have smoke out of them with the Staff of Wind.

    The 3 balls will be located in these places:

    - By Juggernog
    - In the graveyard of the church
    - Behind StaminUp

    You will need to face towards the excavation site when shooting the balls with the Staff of Wind

    The Fire Challenge:

    There are 3 torches under the church:

    When you find them, there are the numbers on the wall, the torches are on top of them, shoot them with the Staff of Fire in the correct order. You will then need to go back to the staff room and align the blue highlighted part of the ring over the fire orb. Shoot the orb with the fire staff and the orb will fly up and the rings will reset.

    *It is the most common but, the order can change...

    Decoding Video:
    Decoding Image:
    Credit: ExoTixPhoenix
    Credits: Dual_Fapolver

    The Ice Challenge:

    Now find the 3 tombstones:

    - Go to the soul box near Juggernog. There will be a tombstone behind you if you are looking at the soul box.

    - From that tombstone, Take a right and head to the excavation site. Where one of Odin's footprints are there is a Tombstone on the ledge.

    - The last tombstone is by the Generator 2 Tank Station. If you look at the dead robot's arm (presumably the name is Loki) the tombstone will be located to your left.

    When you find them, shoot them with the Staff of Ice. When you do that, the tombstone will turn blue-ish/purple and you break them by shooting them with a normal weapon. After that go back to the staff room and there will be a ice orb. Shoot the ice orb with the staff and it will fly into the sky and reset the rings.
    The Ultimate Staffs:
    You now need to stay inside the Crazy Place and kill zombies with your bracers in order to fill up the staffs with souls. You will know if you have finished filling the staffs because the rocks barriers around them will lift up.

    - After that go to the crazy place and put all the staffs in the spot where their crystals were.
    - Pick the staffs back up and they will be upgraded

    Once you have the staffs all upgraded you need to put them inside of the robots.

    Odin > Wind Staff
    Thor > Thunder Staff
    Freiya > Ice Staff

    After that, you go back to the staff room and the last holder is in the middle at the very bottom

    Samantha will say:

    "I'm not safe here, hurry! Only the giants can break the seal"
    Step 3:
    "Rain Fire"

    First you must place the staffs back in there holding place in the Crazy Place.

    Then you will need to go inside of the giants and break the seal:

    - To break the seal you will need one person standing by StaminUp looking at the downed plane. They must have The Odin Bomb

    - When the Giants come back around, have one person go inside of one and activate the fire link.

    - When the fire link is activated, the person by StaminUp will throw the Odin Bomb on the seal by the downed plane.

    - The giant will shoot it and Samantha will say that no human/mortal can enter it.

    - You will now need to send the Maxis Drone into the seal.

    The Seal

    The Tablets/The Odin Bomb:

    - Place the tablets, located in the tank station by spawn, inside the holy water located within the church. When all 4 tablets are placed you will need the new Bracers, rewarded from the box. You then go to the holy water.

    - You then have to collect souls using the Bracers by the Holy water thingy inside the church.

    - When done, each player has to take out their tablet (Samantha will say "Do not fail me!") and transport it to a location WITHOUT stepping in any mud. If failed, the player must return to the holy water and re-soak the tablets.

    - The location you have to transport the tablets to are the table at Generator 2 where you got them. Do NOT step in the mud, take the tank. You then have to punch zombies until the tablets are full & then the Airstrike Grenades are available to be picked up and used on the table.
    Step 4
    "Unleash The Horde"

    This step automatically happens after putting maxis inside of the seal.

    - 4 Panzer Soldats will spawn

    - You must kill all of them to complete this step
    Step 5
    "Skewer The Winged Beast"

    - You need to get the zombie blood. You can do this by setting out the fire on all of the chariots.

    - Once in zombie blood you will see a glowing plane in the sky. Shoot it.

    - Who ever is Takeo will then need to go back into the zombie blood mode and there will be a zombie that can only be seen in zombie blood mode with Takeo. Kill it.

    - You will then get the Maxis Drone back!
    Step 6
    "Wield a Fist of Iron"

    Upgrade Your Thunder Fists/Bracers
    - Go below Pack-a-Punch and zombies will spawn with white arms.

    - You must use the Thunder Fists/Bracers to kill the zombies

    - After a while they drop an upgrade for the Thunder Fists/Bracers which makes your punches the same element as the staff you are holding
    Step 7 The Finally! :D
    "Raise Hell"

    Powering The Staffs Again
    - Place the staffs back in to the Crazy Place.

    - When all staffs are back in the Crazy Place, you have to punch more zombies to power them
    up again.

    - When all the staffs are powered you will receive the "Lost Little Girl" achievement and there will be a vortex in the middle of the Crazy Place.
    The Cutscene
    ENORMOUS Shoutout to TheGeneration71 and Krazy Rabb1t

    They got the Final Cutscene!

    - You have to take the Maxis Drone to Agartha after releasing Samantha.

    - Maxis Drone will say: "Samantha! I must go to her!"

    - The Maxis Drone will go in the vortex and the game will end and pan to the cutscene!


    Get an Extra 25 Points per Perk Machine
    If you go prone right in front of a perk machine you will get 25 extra points.

    • Only works once per perk machine
    • Not affected by double points
    Easy Way to Get Zombie Blood
    Once per round you can get zombie blood by following these steps:

    - There are 3 flaming chariots around the map:

    - When you find them, you will shoot them with the Staff of Ice and they will no longer on fire. Do them within a certain time to do it properly.

    - A Zombie Blood pick up will be available to get right in front of the PaP.

    This is useful for when the Zombie Blood is needed for a certain step in the Easter Egg :)
    How to Get The PaPd MG08 (The Magna Collider) For Free
    You will need the Maxis Drone

    There are 4 yellow discs located around the map in these locations:

    - StaminUp
    - Church
    - Pack-A-Punch
    - The last one is in one of the dead ends near spawn.

    When the maxis drone collects all 4 of these discs. You go to the Pack-A-Punch and there will be a Pack-A-Punched Magna Collider for you :)
    Wonderfizz! :D The new perk machine

    Price: 1500
    Perk: Double Tap, Electric Cherry, PHD Flopper, Mule Kick, Quick Revive, StaminUp
    Decription: Pay 1500 points to get a randomly selected perk :D

    How to know where it is: If you look at the Wonderfizz machine and it has lightning striking it on the top, you will know, that is where it is going to spawn :)
    Elemental PHD
    If you are wielding a staff and flop from a high enough ledge to create an explosion, it will add elemental damage as well.

    The Cyper:
    - There is a message located behind the map on the wall in the workshop, next to the workbench.

    * More information on this needed *

    If this thread helped you, it would be greatly appreciated if you gave it a like.

    Thank You and Happy Hunting :)

    xJHubx - Wind Puzzle Code
    Dual_Fapolver - Fire Staff Challenge Orbs
    S4mGoesHam - Button Activation Quote
    RubberFruit - Tablet Help
    Dark Night 905 - Location for Tablets/New Grenade
    dannygoody123 - Grenade Information
    oFJproductions - Fire Staff Challenge Orb Code Video
    ExoTixPhoenix - Fire Staff Challenge Orb Code Image
    An XtremeNOOB - Ice Staff Puzzle Code
    Resortified - Odin Bomb Video
    TheFuhrer - Winged Beast Quote
    Yehovah - The Seal Location
    RLARKMAN - Shooting the Winged Beast
    NGT - Zombie in Zombie Blood
    Schweitzer711 - Upgraded Thunder Fists/Bracers
    Phantasy Bacon - Step 7, Completing the EE
    TheGeneration71 and Krazy Rabb1t - Picture for the Seal
    Se7ensins PVR - 25 Free Points Per Perk
    GRENADE68 - Elemental PHD
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2014
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  2. Blizzard

    Blizzard Enthusiast

    Likes Received:
    Where/what is the Odin, Thor and Reiya part?
  3. FineNerdsS7

    FineNerdsS7 Seasoned Member

    Likes Received:
    Those are the names of the giant robots
  4. CreepAchu

    CreepAchu Contributor

    Likes Received:
    so could you be a bit more clear on some things? like where is the fire disc? a certain plane you need to shoot or with what an where? panzar is the mech zombie? an is their a way to kill him quickly. i just usually wait for his hand to extend an shoot that but idk
  5. FineNerdsS7

    FineNerdsS7 Seasoned Member

    Likes Received:
    The discs are scattered around the map, near-ish their catacomb.
    To kill the Panzer Soldat, shoot him in the head a lot and knife when he grabs you
  6. CreepAchu

    CreepAchu Contributor

    Likes Received:
    hmm can you knife anytime or has to be like as soon as your at him because i tried that before but he wouldn't drop me which i think is why you need to shoot his arm or knife it once the red dot in his arm is shown
  7. FineNerdsS7

    FineNerdsS7 Seasoned Member

    Likes Received:
    Shooting his arm works too
  8. Blizzard

    Blizzard Enthusiast

    Likes Received:
    Just shoot him in the head until he dies.. he dies quickly with the mark 2 ray gun :)
  9. ItsThy

    ItsThy Getting There

    Likes Received:
    You aren't very specific in the staff locations. I only know how to build the Fire Staff.
    Disc- in church or under tank (have to activate the tank)
    Handle- shoot glowing orange/red plane
    Head- in the medal reward chest (most given at generator 6 behind church)
    Body- kill Panzer Soldat

    Additional Information: after all parts are found for a certain staff. You need to go to the crazy place for that certain element for the last piece.
  10. CreepAchu

    CreepAchu Contributor

    Likes Received:
    thats what i need lol or finally get an upgraded gun. by the time we get the generators done we start dropping like flys
  11. Blizzard

    Blizzard Enthusiast

    Likes Received:
    You should be able to get all the generators on by round 6-7 at the latest if you have a good team. Its getting the staffs that take the longest.
  12. FineNerdsS7

    FineNerdsS7 Seasoned Member

    Likes Received:
    The only long part about the staff would be waiting until it is snowing, or waiting until either Odin, Thor, or Reiya comes
  13. CreepAchu

    CreepAchu Contributor

    Likes Received:
    what staff do you get from them? an how? im sorry ive got a headache an im so lost in this stuff lol
  14. RumpleForeskin

    RumpleForeskin One Winged Angel Premium

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    Step 1 is opening the Templar room
    Step 2 is building the Staffs :)
    Stuck on step 3 will update later.
  15. FineNerdsS7

    FineNerdsS7 Seasoned Member

    Likes Received:
    Actually, Listen to Samantha ;D Step 1 is everything up until you have all 4 staffs. Step 2 is the Puzzles and Step 3 is the Rings and stuffs :3
  16. ItsThy

    ItsThy Getting There

    Likes Received:
    You get the Wind staff, get under their foot with glowing lights, shoot the foot, & let them step on you.
  17. RumpleForeskin

    RumpleForeskin One Winged Angel Premium

    Likes Received:
    Yeah i guess you could consider step1+2 a step 1 :) and yes you have to do the rings in step 3 but we died there :P
  18. FineNerdsS7

    FineNerdsS7 Seasoned Member

    Likes Received:
    You should hint not just give everything to them, I want to see people think :P
  19. Blizzard

    Blizzard Enthusiast

    Likes Received:
    Anything that has a time restraint is the longest part like waiting for the yellow plane or as you said the massive robots. But the robots come all the time anyway so can wait with a zombie until you have been in all 3. Where as I think the plane comes after x amount of rounds. I don't know as not tested it.
  20. ItsThy

    ItsThy Getting There

    Likes Received:
    I didn't say where the disc was.(;