[Official/Updated] All save modding thread

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  1. xJDHD

    xJDHD Getting There

    I can do it now that you KNOW the IDs. I'll take care of it right away.

  2. xJDHD

    xJDHD Getting There

    I think your objective is screwed. I ran the command 10 different ways, and then tested them on other quests to make sure I was doing it right. Your stages of those quest will not change no matter how many times you input the command. Good luck getting out of this one.
  3. Nesto

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    Can I download an update(1.2/1.3) on pc and put it into a Xbox360?
  4. Ansem

    Ansem ♔ Kingdom Hearts ♔

    im not sure.. proberly not though haha. you could allways download it straight to the xbox and save you all that hassle!
  5. PrancingTiger

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    Is it possible for you to make me level 81 with all skills at 100 and every perk with health, magic, and stamina at 500?
  6. xJDHD

    xJDHD Getting There

    Instead of just asking, post your gamesave as well. Actually, extract your savegame.dat file using a tutorial I made 'noob proof' and then upload it and send the link. I'll take care of it. Not the quests, but this request.
  7. novoa423

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    [Click here to view the link]
    Hey i walked into a glitched can you force start boethiah's calling and The whispering door please i need the help
  8. Vegeta

    Vegeta Учител на Вселената

    Level: 64
    Coins: 99k
    Carry Weight: 800
    All Skills Level 95 (Sneak, One Handed ect.)
    Highest Possible Health, Stamina, Magicka and Dragon Souls

    Link: [Click here to view the link]

    I beat the game on PS3 but I want it modded for 360, I'm only at the part where you go to River wood or something .

    Thanks a lot :smile:
  9. veritassdg

    veritassdg Enthusiast

    format: ps3
    level 100
    either give me 100 perk points or put every perk on everything,
    max carry weight.
    max money
    max stamina.
    All Words of Power (Please teach word or give me a lot of souls)
    [Click here to view the link]

  10. novoa423

    novoa423 Newbie

    [Click here to view the link]
    Hey i walked into a glitched can you force start boethiah's calling and The whispering door please i need the help
    setstage DA02 1 Boethial's calling
    setstage DA08 10 the whispering door
    add item [Click here to view the link] of Minor Destruction 000b9737
  11. luke4life

    luke4life Enthusiast

    My save game : (its a .dat) : [Click here to view the link]

    I would like :
    Inf lockpicks : (Sorry idk the lockpick code :[ )
    10 deadra hearths : 0003AD5B
    10 (yes 10 only) Deadric arrows : 000139C0 (Not sure if right)
    and if possible Unl shouts (Instant recharge)
    13337 Money XD
    Alot of magicka and stamina.
    Telekenisis, tome : 000A26E4 (So do additem not addspell :tongue: i know ur not stupid, but just to make sure ^^)
    As last : Oghma infinium book

    Thanks! +Rep.
  12. Thy Furer

    Thy Furer Newbie

    Hey modders if any of you badasses have some time today or in the near future i would absolutely love it if u could add as much possible perk points to my character, 100 should do. i have a level 81 argonian. a higher carrying cap would be great to. thanks xbox 360
    [Click here to view the link]
  13. Azsry

    Azsry Contributor

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  14. BerserkerGamerz

    BerserkerGamerz Enthusiast

    playerenchantobject 487d8 81182 AA155
    playerenchantobject 1396b 10FC13 92A48
    playerenchantobject 1396c 17121 FF15C
    playerenchantobject 1396a 3EB08 FFA05
    playerenchantobject deed7 10DDED 1EA6C
    Player.modav carryweight 5000
    player.setav shoutrecoverymult 0

    [Click here to view the link]
  15. Lyroc

    Lyroc Newbie

  16. iTz V3n0MOuS

    iTz V3n0MOuS Contributor

    I don't know how to make the commands, sorry. My other save got messed up and some quests and such aren't working so I am just going to make another one.

    Level: Do NOT edit the level.
    Format: Xbox 360
    Spells/Shouts/Perks: All spells and shouts.
    Skill/Stat Level: Max health, stamina, and magicka.
    TGM: no
    Items: 50,000 Daedric arrows, full daedric armour, and all daedric weapons.
    Carryweight: 10,000
    Gold: 500,000
    Race Change: no
    Shout Cool Down Multiplier: no
    Link to save: [Click here to view the link]
    Send Original: no​
  17. BerserkerGamerz

    BerserkerGamerz Enthusiast

    [Click here to view the link]

    playerenchantobject 1396b 81182 10FC13

    thats all i need, ive been having problems after modding, when your done can you switch it back to an exs file?
  18. Tattoo

    Tattoo Newbie

    God Mode - Yes
    All Quest's Completed - No
    Any Armor - yes all
    Any Weapon - yes all
    Any Item - 100000 Lockpicks, and 1000000 of all Ingots
    Any Perks - All
    Any Shouts - All
    Any Spells - All
    Level 77
    Character Hair Colour: Grey
    [Click here to view the link]
    Pm the save after done thankyou
  19. Classified123

    Classified123 Newbie

    [Click here to view the link]

    player.additem 0000000F 250000
    player.additem 0000000A 25
    player.addperk 000CB413
    player.addperk 00058209
    player.setav smithing 100
    player.setav lockpicking 100
    player.modav carryweight 1000
  20. PoIsKa

    PoIsKa Contributor


    File - [Click here to view the link]

    Code's included.

    Max all skills
    player.setav destruction 100
    player.setav restoration 100
    player.setav conjuration 100
    player.setav alteration 100
    player.setav illusion 100
    player.setav heavyarmor 100
    player.setav lightarmor 100
    player.setav block 100
    player.setav onehanded 100
    player.setav twohanded 100
    player.setav marksman 100
    player.setav enchanting 100
    player.setav smithing 100
    player.setav alchemy 100
    player.setav lockpicking 100
    player.setav pickpocket 100
    player.setav sneak 100
    player.setav speechcraft 100

    All Perks
    player.addperk 000BE127
    player.addperk 000C07CA
    player.addperk 000C07CB
    player.addperk 000C07CC
    player.addperk 000C07CD
    player.addperk 00058215
    player.addperk 00058216
    player.addperk 00058217
    player.addperk 00058218
    player.addperk 00105F2A
    player.addperk 00105F2B
    player.addperk 00105F2F
    player.addperk 00105F2E
    player.addperk 00105F2C
    player.addperk 0005821D
    player.addperk 000C44BA
    player.addperk 000F2CA6
    player.addperk 000C44B7
    player.addperk 000C44B8
    player.addperk 000C44B9
    player.addperk 000153CD
    player.addperk 000D7999
    player.addperk 000D799A
    player.addperk 000D799B
    player.addperk 00053128
    player.addperk 00053129
    player.addperk 0005312A
    player.addperk 000581FC
    player.addperk 000581F7
    player.addperk 000BABED
    player.addperk 0007934A
    player.addperk 0007934B
    player.addperk 0007934D
    player.addperk 00079354
    player.addperk 00058F61
    player.addperk 00105F1C
    player.addperk 00105F1E
    player.addperk 00105F1F
    player.addperk 00103ADA
    player.addperk 00103ADB
    player.addperk 00058F62
    player.addperk 00051B12
    player.addperk 00058F63
    player.addperk 00105F19
    player.addperk 00058F64
    player.addperk 000BCCAE
    player.addperk 00079355
    player.addperk 00079356
    player.addperk 00079357
    player.addperk 00079358
    player.addperk 000D8C33
    player.addperk 00058F68
    player.addperk 00058F67
    player.addperk 00058F69
    player.addperk 0005F594
    player.addperk 00058F66
    player.addperk 00058F6A
    player.addperk 00106253
    player.addperk 000F2CA7
    player.addperk 000153CE
    player.addperk 000C44BD
    player.addperk 000C44BC
    player.addperk 000C44BB
    player.addperk 000C44BE
    player.addperk 000640B3
    player.addperk 00105F30
    player.addperk 00105F31
    player.addperk 000D799E
    player.addperk 000D799C
    player.addperk 000581DD
    player.addperk 000CB419
    player.addperk 000CB41A
    player.addperk 000581DE
    player.addperk 000D5F1C
    player.addperk 000C44C2
    player.addperk 000F2CA8
    player.addperk 000C44BF
    player.addperk 000C44C0
    player.addperk 000C44C1
    player.addperk 000153CF
    player.addperk 000153D2
    player.addperk 00105F32
    player.addperk 000581EA
    player.addperk 0010FCF9
    player.addperk 000581E7
    player.addperk 0010FCF8
    player.addperk 00058200
    player.addperk 0010FCFA
    player.addperk 000F3933
    player.addperk 000F3F0E
    player.addperk 000F392E
    player.addperk 000BEE97
    player.addperk 000C367C
    player.addperk 000C367D
    player.addperk 000C367E
    player.addperk 000C367F
    player.addperk 00058F7C
    player.addperk 00058F80
    player.addperk 00058F81
    player.addperk 00108A44
    player.addperk 00058F7E
    player.addperk 00058F82
    player.addperk 00058F7D
    player.addperk 00058F7F
    player.addperk 000BCD2A
    player.addperk 0007935E
    player.addperk 00079361
    player.addperk 00079362
    player.addperk 00079374
    player.addperk 00058F6F
    player.addperk 00058F6C
    player.addperk 00107832
    player.addperk 00058F6D
    player.addperk 00058F6E
    player.addperk 000BCD2B
    player.addperk 00105F33
    player.addperk 000153D0
    player.addperk 000C44C3
    player.addperk 000C44C4
    player.addperk 000C44C5
    player.addperk 000C44C6
    player.addperk 000F2CA9
    player.addperk 000581E1
    player.addperk 000581E2
    player.addperk 00059B77
    player.addperk 00059B78
    player.addperk 000581FD
    player.addperk 000C44B5
    player.addperk 00059B76
    player.addperk 000BE123
    player.addperk 00079376
    player.addperk 00079389
    player.addperk 00079391
    player.addperk 00079392
    player.addperk 00051B1B
    player.addperk 00051B1C
    player.addperk 00105F22
    player.addperk 00051B17
    player.addperk 00107831
    player.addperk 000F392A
    player.addperk 000BE125
    player.addperk 00106259
    player.addperk 00107830
    player.addperk 000C3680
    player.addperk 0005820A
    player.addperk 00105F26
    player.addperk 000C3681
    player.addperk 00058208
    player.addperk 00058209
    player.addperk 000C3682
    player.addperk 000BABE4
    player.addperk 00079343
    player.addperk 00079342
    player.addperk 00079344
    player.addperk 00079345
    player.addperk 00052D50
    player.addperk 0003FFFA
    player.addperk 000C3678
    player.addperk 000C3679
    player.addperk 0005F592
    player.addperk 000C1E92
    player.addperk 000C1E93
    player.addperk 0005F56F
    player.addperk 000C1E90
    player.addperk 000C1E91
    player.addperk 00106256
    player.addperk 00106257
    player.addperk 0003AF81
    player.addperk 000CB406
    player.addperk 00106258
    player.addperk 0003AFA6
    player.addperk 000BE124
    player.addperk 00018E6A
    player.addperk 00018E6B
    player.addperk 00018E6C
    player.addperk 00018E6D
    player.addperk 00058202
    player.addperk 00105F28
    player.addperk 00058204
    player.addperk 000D79A0
    player.addperk 00096590
    player.addperk 00058201
    player.addperk 00058205
    player.addperk 000C44CA
    player.addperk 000F2CAA
    player.addperk 000C44C7
    player.addperk 000C44C8
    player.addperk 000C44C9
    player.addperk 000153D1
    player.addperk 000581F8
    player.addperk 000581F9
    player.addperk 000581F4
    player.addperk 000581F5
    player.addperk 000A3F64
    player.addperk 000581E4
    player.addperk 00068BCC
    player.addperk 000CB40D
    player.addperk 0005218E
    player.addperk 000CB40F
    player.addperk 000CB414
    player.addperk 000CB411
    player.addperk 000CB40E
    player.addperk 000CB410
    player.addperk 000CB412
    player.addperk 000CB413
    player.addperk 00052190
    player.addperk 000BE128
    player.addperk 000C07CE
    player.addperk 000C07CF
    player.addperk 000C07D0
    player.addperk 000C07D1
    player.addperk 00058F72
    player.addperk 00058F75
    player.addperk 001090A2
    player.addperk 00058F7A
    player.addperk 00058F7B
    player.addperk 00105F29
    player.addperk 00058F79
    player.addperk 001090A5
    player.addperk 000BE126
    player.addperk 000C07C6
    player.addperk 000C07C7
    player.addperk 000C07C8
    player.addperk 000C07C9
    player.addperk 00058210
    player.addperk 00058213
    player.addperk 001036F0
    player.addperk 00058211
    player.addperk 0005820C
    player.addperk 00105F23
    player.addperk 00105F24
    player.addperk 00058214
    player.addperk 000BABE8
    player.addperk 00079346
    player.addperk 00079347
    player.addperk 00079348
    player.addperk 00079349
    player.addperk 00052D51
    player.addperk 000C5C05
    player.addperk 000C5C06
    player.addperk 000C5C07
    player.addperk 0003AF83
    player.addperk 000C1E94
    player.addperk 000C1E95
    player.addperk 0003AF84
    player.addperk 000C1E96
    player.addperk 000C1E97
    player.addperk 00052D52
    player.addperk 000CB407
    player.addperk 0003AF9E
    player.addperk 0003AFA7
    player.addperk 000581E9
    player.addperk 000581EE
    player.addperk 000581EC
    player.addperk 0001711C
    player.addperk 0001711E
    player.addperk 0001BAC9
    player.addperk 00051B1A
    player.addperk 00051B1B
    player.addperk 0005821B
    player.addperk 00058F78
    player.addperk 0006BC37

    All Shouts
    player.teachword 13E22
    player.teachword 13E23
    player.teachword 13E24
    player.teachword 602A3
    player.teachword 602A4
    player.teachword 602A5
    player.teachword 6029A
    player.teachword 6029B
    player.teachword 6029C
    player.teachword 20E17
    player.teachword 20E18
    player.teachword 20E19
    player.teachword 48ACA
    player.teachword 48ACB
    player.teachword 48ACC
    player.teachword 2F7BB
    player.teachword 2F7BC
    player.teachword 2F7BD
    player.teachword 60291
    player.teachword 60292
    player.teachword 60293
    player.teachword 3291D
    player.teachword 3291E
    player.teachword 3291F
    player.teachword 32917
    player.teachword 32918
    player.teachword 32919
    player.teachword 5D16C
    player.teachword 5D16D
    player.teachword 5D16E
    player.teachword 602A0
    player.teachword 602A1
    player.teachword 602A2
    player.teachword 5FB95
    player.teachword 5FB96
    player.teachword 5FB97
    player.teachword 3CD31
    player.teachword 3CD32
    player.teachword 3CD33
    player.teachword 51960
    player.teachword 51961
    player.teachword 51962
    player.teachword 44251
    player.teachword 44252
    player.teachword 44253
    player.teachword 60297
    player.teachword 60298
    player.teachword 60299
    player.teachword 60294
    player.teachword 60295
    player.teachword 60296
    player.teachword 46B89
    player.teachword 46B8A
    player.teachword 46B8B
    player.teachword 6029D
    player.teachword 6029E
    player.teachword 6029F
    player.teachword 3291A
    player.teachword 3291B
    player.teachword 3291C

    All Spells
    player.addspell 00012fcd
    player.addspell 00012fd0
    player.addspell 0005db90
    player.addspell 0003ae9f
    player.addspell 0001c789
    player.addspell 0007a82b
    player.addspell 0010f7ed
    player.addspell 00035d7f
    player.addspell 0007z82b
    player.addspell 0002b96b
    player.addspell 0002b96c
    player.addspell 0006796f
    player.addspell 00045f9c
    player.addspell 0003aea2
    player.addspell 0010f7ec
    player.addspell 00035d80
    player.addspell 0007e8e4
    player.addspell 0002dd2a
    player.addspell 00067970
    player.addspell 0003aea3
    player.addspell 00045f9d
    player.addspell 0010f7ee
    player.addspell 00035d81
    player.addspell 0007e8e5
    player.addspell 00012fcc
    player.addspell 00013018
    player.addspell 0002f3b8
    player.addspell 0004d3f2
    player.addspell 000211f1
    player.addspell 0004b146
    player.addspell 000b62ef
    player.addspell 00012fd2
    player.addspell 000211f0
    player.addspell 0005dd5d
    player.addspell 0004d3f8
    player.addspell 000b62ee
    player.addspell 0005dd5e
    player.addspell 0005312d
    player.addspell 0008c1ab
    player.addspell 000e0ccf
    player.addspell 0005dd60
    player.addspell 0006d22c
    player.addspell 000211ec
    player.addspell 000211ed
    player.addspell 000211eb
    player.addspell 0006f953
    player.addspell 0010fc16
    player.addspell 0010ddec
    player.addspell 000640b6
    player.addspell 000204c3
    player.addspell 000204c4
    player.addspell 000204c5
    player.addspell 0007e8df
    player.addspell 00096d95
    player.addspell 0006f952
    player.addspell 0007e5d5
    player.addspell 0009ce26
    player.addspell 0007e5d6
    player.addspell 0007e8e1
    player.addspell 00065bd7
    player.addspell 00096d94
    player.addspell 0004dba4
    player.addspell 0007e5d7
    player.addspell 0006a153
    player.addspell 00099f39
    player.addspell 0010e38c
    player.addspell 00043324
    player.addspell 000211ef
    player.addspell 000211ee
    player.addspell 000cdb70
    player.addspell 0005ad5e
    player.addspell 000da746
    player.addspell 00051b16
    player.addspell 00043323
    player.addspell 000b62e6
    player.addspell 0005ad5c
    player.addspell 0005ad5d
    player.addspell 0001a4cc
    player.addspell 00109111
    player.addspell 0005d175
    player.addspell 0007e8dd
    player.addspell 0004dee9
    player.addspell 00021143
    player.addspell 0004dee8
    player.addspell 00028532
    player.addspell 0004deea
    player.addspell 0004deee
    player.addspell 0004deeb
    player.addspell 0007e8db
    player.addspell 0007e8de
    player.addspell 00027eb6
    player.addspell 0007e8da
    player.addspell 0008f3eb
    player.addspell 0004deed
    player.addspell 0004deec
    player.addspell 0004deef

    Set character level
    player.setlevel 81

    Shout recovery time instant
    player.setav shoutrecoverymult 0

    Health, carryweight, stamina, magicka
    player.setav carryweight 2500
    player.setav health 1500
    player.setav stamina 4000
    player.setav magicka 9999

    00061CA5 - Nahkriin Mask
    00061CAB - Volsung Mask
    00061CC9 - Vokun Mask
    00061CC2 - Otar Mask
    00061C8B - Morokei Mask
    00061CC0 - Rahgot Mask
    00061CC1 - Hevnoraak Mask
    00061CB9 - Krosis Mask
    00061CCA - Wooden Mask