Official Minecraft Achievments and Statistics List

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    Here is the list of achievements and statistics you can earn from Minecraft. This is from the actual Minecraft.jar file

    stat.used=Times Used
    stat.mined=Times Mined
    stat.depleted=Times Depleted
    stat.crafted=Times Crafted
    stat.startGame=Times played
    stat.createWorld=Worlds played
    stat.loadWorld=Saves loaded
    stat.joinMultiplayer=Multiplayer joins
    stat.leaveGame=Games quit
    stat.playOneMinute=Minutes Played
    stat.walkOneCm=Distance Walked
    stat.fallOneCm=Distance Fallen
    stat.swimOneCm=Distance Swum
    stat.flyOneCm=Distance Flown
    stat.climbOneCm=Distance Climbed
    stat.diveOneCm=Distance Dove
    stat.minecartOneCm=Distance by Minecart
    stat.boatOneCm=Distance by Boat
    stat.pigOneCm=Distance by Pig
    stat.drop=Items Dropped
    stat.damageDealt=Damage Dealt
    stat.damageTaken=Damage Taken
    stat.deaths=Number of Deaths
    stat.mobKills=Mob Kills
    stat.playerKills=Player Kills
    stat.fishCaught=Fish Caught
    stat.mineBlock=%1$s Mined
    stat.craftItem=%1$s Crafted
    stat.useItem=%1$s Used
    stat.breakItem=%1$s Depleted
    achievement.get=Achievement get!
    achievement.requires=Requires '%1$s'
    achievement.openInventory=Taking Inventory
    achievement.openInventory.desc=Press '%1$s' to open your inventory.
    achievement.mineWood=Getting Wood
    achievement.mineWood.desc=Attack a tree until a block of wood pops out
    achievement.buildWorkBench.desc=Craft a workbench with four blocks of planks
    achievement.buildPickaxe=Time to Mine!
    achievement.buildPickaxe.desc=Use planks and sticks to make a pickaxe
    achievement.buildFurnace=Hot Topic
    achievement.buildFurnace.desc=Construct a furnace out of eight stone blocks
    achievement.acquireIron=Acquire Hardware
    achievement.acquireIron.desc=Smelt an iron ingot
    achievement.buildHoe=Time to Farm!
    achievement.buildHoe.desc=Use planks and sticks to make a ***
    achievement.makeBread=Bake Bread
    achievement.makeBread.desc=Turn wheat into bread
    achievement.bakeCake=The Lie
    achievement.bakeCake.desc=Wheat, sugar, milk and eggs!
    achievement.buildBetterPickaxe=Getting an Upgrade
    achievement.buildBetterPickaxe.desc=Construct a better pickaxe
    achievement.cookFish=Delicious Fish
    achievement.cookFish.desc=Catch and cook fish!
    achievement.onARail=On A Rail
    achievement.onARail.desc=Travel by minecart at least 1 km from where you started 
    achievement.buildSword=Time to Strike!
    achievement.buildSword.desc=Use planks and sticks to make a sword
    achievement.killEnemy=Monster Hunter
    achievement.killEnemy.desc=Attack and destroy a monster
    achievement.killCow=Cow Tipper
    achievement.killCow.desc=Harvest some leather
    achievement.flyPig=When Pigs Fly
    achievement.flyPig.desc=Fly a pig off a cliff
    Please do not rip with out credit to Notch for making it and me for finding it :tongue:
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