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MW2 GPD modding help

Discussion in 'Xbox 360' started by XxI AS IxX, Jun 6, 2010 with 3 replies and 4,039 views.

  1. XxI AS IxX

    XxI AS IxX Enthusiast

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    I watched a video on youtube on how to change the hud on MW2 by editing the GPD, I done that with no problems but when I was looking in the GPD using HxD I noticed it ways stuff like Welcome to MW2' and crap like that. I was thinking if I could edit where it says Welcome To Modern Warfare 2! on the game (At the bottom go across) to make it say something else. Please help or just send me a modded MW2 GPD.

  2. BurnieMods

    BurnieMods Enthusiast

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    I'm guessing this will work becaus I've seen it before but didn't know how to do it
  3. iHc Haxalot

    iHc Haxalot Enthusiast

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    yeh, there was a tut on here a while back and i think apparently, if you edited that, then on teh xbl screen on MW2, the text on the scrolling bar down the bottom changes, there is also a video of it on youtube some where, where someone changed it to "Welcome To Modern Gayfare 2" :lol:
  4. jesuzz

    jesuzz Enthusiast

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    i need a decent tut on how to edit GPD's u think u can direct em to one?