How To Standby In Halo 3

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    Hello, this is my first tutorial and it is going to be teaching you how to standby and bridge.
    What is standbying?
    Standbying means you are making the opposing team standby which means you control you connections as host to make their connection good enough (ame usually) to stay in the game but not to play well.

    On With The Tutorial
    Xbox Live
    A Computer (You can not standby with Windows 7)
    Programs Needed:
    1. Cain and Abel 4.95 [Click here to view the link]
    2. Zone Alarm Pro v9 [Click here to view the link]
    3. Auto Standby v1.1 by Savage or Halo 2 Version by Xplicit
    [Click here to view the link] (Savage)
    [Click here to view the link] (Xplicit)

    Once you have all the programs downloaded and installed you will have all the necessary
    software to standby.

    How to standby:
    1. Open up Cain and Abel and near the top you should see a "Sniffer" tab. Click on it.
    2. Once you are on that tab, lower tabs will also appear.
    3. You will be on the "Hosts" tab.
    4. Near the top you will see a Blue + sign. This you will need in a moment.
    5. A lot of people say you have to have WIRED computer connection, this is false.
    6. Before you click the Blue + sign, go to the top near file, and click configure.
    7. If you have WIRED computer connection (Ethernet Cable) you do not need to click configure.
    8. As for people with WIRELESS computer connection you should see a list of little computer chip icons on the left, (usually around three).
    9. These are your network connections. Double-Click on your Ethernet connection, press apply, then press OK. If you do not know which connection is your Ethernet Connection, Refer to the next step.
    10. If you do not know which connection is your Ethernet Connection, don't panic.:smile:
    Try experiments by pressing apply, then OK, with every connection and you will soon find out.
    11. If you have picked the right connection (Ethernet Connection), go up to the Blue + sign, and click it.
    12. A box will appear, don't worry about any of the text, as if you mess with it, it may interfere with the standby.
    13. Just click OK.
    14. If you did not select the Ethernet Connection, it will say "Scanning MAC Addresses" and the Percent(%) will stay the same but the "Current Host" will still rise. Or they will both rise but, no text will appear after "Scanning MAC Addresses" is finished.
    15. If you have done this correctly and selected the Ethernet Connection, the Percent(%) will rise along with the "Current Host". And in a few moments, some text should appear.
    16. This text will display your Xbox if it is connected to Xbox Live. (It will appear as Microsoft Corporation), your router will appear (It will display the brand of the router), such as Net Gear. The other text will be other things connected to your internet such as
    other computers. The only connections you need to know are the computer you're standbying on, and your Xbox. The IP Addresses of the Xbox and Router will be displayed. You will only have to remember the last bit of it.
    17. You will notice you are still on the "Hosts" tab.
    18. Look at the lower tabs and select "APR".
    19. Once you are on that tab you will see two boxes, a bottom and a top.
    20. Left-Click in the top box, then click the Blue Sign +.
    21. Again, you will see two boxes, but now a left and a right.
    22. Now, click the IP Address of your router (on the left), then click the IP Address of your Xbox on the right. Then press OK.
    23. Now on the Top box you will see it says "Idle".
    24. You are finished with Cain for now.
    25. Open up ZoneAlarm Pro.
    26. On the left of ZoneAlarm you will see a tab that says "Firewall". Click on it.
    27. After you have clicked on "Firewall" you will notice under the word "Firewall" three options will be shown. The only ones you need to worry about are MAIN and ZONES.
    28. Go to MAIN.
    30. Make sure both firewalls are off then NEVER TOUCH THE TRUSTED ZONE FIREWALL AGAIN.
    31. Right below MAIN is ZONES, click on it.
    32. You will see a list that should be blank, except for about 1 or 2 things. It may already have "New Network Found" in the list.
    33. To standby you will need Bungie's IP Address, but it is always changing so you will need to insert an IP Range into your ZONES.
    34. To add an IP Range go down to the bottom-right of ZONES and you should see, Add, Remove, Edit, and Apply.
    35. Click Add, then select IP Range.
    36. It should tell you if you want the IP in TRUSTED or BLOCKED. Choose TRUSTED.
    37. On the first IP Address line put, and for the second line put
    38. Make the description Bungie, Press OK, then Click Apply.
    39. There is one more IP Range you will have to add.
    40. Make sure the IP Range is TRUSTED and for the first line put, and for the second line put
    41. For the description, put Bungie 2.
    42. For future reference, quickly after you download ZoneAlarm, you will get pop-ups saying "New Network Found". Always click KEEP IN INTERNET ZONE. Along with these pop-ups, you will also be receiving messages on the bottom-right of your screen saying ALLOW or DENY. Always check remember this setting then hit ALLOW.
    43. Whenever you are standbying you will always need to get the IP Address only of everyone on your team so they do not lag. You can easily add there IP Address by clicking Add, then IP Address, Put them in TRUSTED enter In their IP Address (just ask them to go to and type in their Xbox Live Gamertag for the description.
    44. When you view your ZONES make sure that "New Network Found" is in INTERNET not Trusted.
    45. You are setup for ZoneAlarm, just click Apply and minimize for now.
    46. Open up Auto-Standby.
    47. It will say Up Time and Down Time. The standard is Up Time:2, Down Time:1. This is the most commonly used Up and Down Times, however it has a reputation of getting people host banned rather quickly. So I suggest Up Time: .7, Down Time: 1. I would suggest always using Down Time: 1. 1.5 is also another good Up Time. Set Auto-Standby aside.
    48. You are set-up for standbying, now time to learn how to do it.
    49. Open ZoneAlarm, Go to MAIN under "Firewall". Once you are bridged and can see the other team's names. Go to Cain and near the top click the bio-chemical symbol (Start APR) IP's should come pouring in. Wait for the game to start. Once you have been in the game for about 20 seconds, Start the Auto-Standby, And then go over to ZoneAlarm and raise your INTERNET ZONE FIREWALL to High. Reminder: If the game ever goes black screen for your own team or the game has ended you have to instantly Stop Auto-Standby, and drop your INTERNET ZONE FIREWALL to off. You can keep the APR bio-chemical system on.
    50. Enjoy.

    Written by: Alex iz Rippin (Gamertag)


    Need to be bridged Host or need more help? Send me a message on Xbox Live, My Gamertag: AIex iz Rippin, the l in Alex is a capital I. I am always appearing offline and im usually online so just send me a message. Peace. This Tutorial took over 7 hours.

    PICTURES COMING SOON:biggrin::biggrin:

    How to bridge:
    This is very similar to standbying so if you have already learned, this should be quite easy.
    When you are viewing your ZONES only have Bungie's IP Addresses, "New Network Found", and the person you are bridging host.
    1. Once you have all your programs up, tell the person who is getting bridged host, to back out, and send you an invite. (If other players join the person who is getting bridged lobby before you join, you will have to redo the bridge.
    2. Before you are in their lobby, back out and be in your own lobby, Start APR.
    3. Join the person who is getting bridged host.
    4. Before you join you must have your INTERNET ZONE FIREWALL on Medium.
    5. Once you have joined the person's lobby and see their IP Address in Cain, Raise your INTERNET ZONE FIREWALL to High.
    6. For now, the player is bridged. Invite the other persons you wish to play with to the lobby.
    7. Search for a game in your selected playlist.
    8. You can bridge with 2,3, or 4 players total on your team.
    9. For 2's once you have found all the players, drop your INTERNET ZONE FIREWALL to Medium, then go to Cain.
    10. Once all the IP Addresses start Full-Routing, Raise your FIREWALL back to High.
    11. You have done well, bridger, now let the standbyer do work.
    12. If you are bridging 3's you will notice that you will usually find 3 opposing players on the other team.
    13. If you have found 3's you will notice a tick-clock, on the left under PLAYERS FOUND. On tick 7, you will always get them. If you are bridging you want to lower your FIREWALL to Medium on tick 6. Then raise it back once the opposing players start Full-Routing.
    14. To bridge in 4's, right once you have found the other team, you must immediately lower your FIREWALL to Medium, then once the opposing players begin Full-Routing, raise it back to High.
    15. Now time to kick some @$$:biggrin:

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    Can you add pictures? Seems like ALOT of reding lol
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    There are several other better, more organized tutorials that have been around for ages and are still totally valid. All you did was copy their information and didn't even credit them.

    Also, yes you can bridge and standby with Windows 7.
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    Can you please help me i have all of these programs and kinda know what im doing but this is not working please let me know if you can help me. my aim is iSALEMLG50z. Please add me to talk. Thanks
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    Thanks so much for this tutorial man! Most detailed one I've seen and I've been looking! Gonna try this tonight