How To Retrieve a Lost Xbox 360 DVD Key / Lost DVD Key FAQ

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    Lost DVD Key FAQ
    Q: I pluged the power cables into my drive upsides down and fried my drive is there a way to get my dvd key.
    A: Yes there are two ways 1. send the fried drive to a profession where they fill retrieve the key from the board. 2. If your xbox is jtagable it can also be retrieved (Read Below FAQ)

    Q: I erased the flash on my drive and have no back ups is there a way to get my dvd key.
    A: If your xbox is jtagable yes you can (Read Below FAQ), if not you are out of luck and there is no way to get it back.

    Q: What can i do if my i lost my dvd key and my xbox is not Jtagable
    A: If you still have the warranty sticker in tact and is still under ms warranty, you can force RROD your xbox and send it in, if its out of warranty you can part the xbox out and try to make some $.

    How To Retrieve a Lost Xbox 360 DVD Key
    The First thing you need to know is if you xbox is jtagable, if it isnt jtagable there is no reason to continue.
    How to check if your Console is JTAG-able By EclipseModz
    How to Jtag you Xbox and install Xell
    Xbins will be needed to download programs for this TUT.
    - Windows based pc
    - Computer with a LPT port(Printer port)
    - LPT cable with a DB25 Male end.
    - 5 100-Ohm resistors. I used 100-Ohm 1/2 Watt resistors
    - 1 Switching Diode. I used 1N914 - 1N4148
    - Solder Iron
    - Some patience
    - NandPro20b to dump the NAND
    - Total Commander to make sure your dumps are identical
    - You will also need to know your console is exploitable

    How to Build the Jtag and lpt cable
    the plan here is to create one neat and tidy cable that can be used to dump and flash your 360's NAND simply by plugging into a specially created Ethernet port. The benefits of this being the cable can be used on multiple 360's without constant resoldering or messy wires hanging out your box.

    What you'll need
    RJ45 Ethernet Network LAN Cable Extension Adapter - I bought mine on eBay at �3 for 10
    Cat5 patch cable
    D-Sub hood 25-way - I bought mine in Maplin for about �1.60 part #FP29G
    DB25 25-way male plug - I bought mine in Maplin for about �1.50 part #YQ48C

    Other things you'll need are 5x100 ohm resistors and possibly some zip ties for securing your wiring.

    The |< is where the diodes[​IMG] go. On the diode itself there is a thick black line. That black line is this side ---> |< of the diode. That will tell you which way to place the diode when installing the JTAG connections. Diode MUST be soldered directly to the board facing the correct way.

    The idea here is pretty simple. All you're going to do is match the colours marked on the Xbox motherboard with the db25 plug. But instead of going straight from one to the other you're going to have an Ethernet cable extender in the middle. This will allow you to unplug/connect you're 360 to your PC quickly and whenever you want.

    Cut your Cat5 cable in half and prepare both ends for soldering. I recommend keeping the cable between your Xbox and PC as short as possible. After a bit of trial and error I found 35-40cm to be about right. The cable inside your Xbox should also be as short as possible.


    Solder your wires to the Xbox motherboard following my diagram above. Find a good spot to place your Ethernet extender and secure it in place. I cut a hole in the metal shielding behind the DVD drive and hot glued the extender in place. I then cut a small hole on the outer case under the hard drive to allow easy access to the port whenever needed. When not in use the port is hidden under the hard drive.

    Next you need to solder the other half of your Cat5 cable to the DB25 plug. Be careful to match up with the correct wires you soldered to the 360's motherboard!. Depending on your PC you may or may not need to install some 100 ohm resistors on pins 1,2,14,16 and 17. Some people will get away without them but in my case the NAND would not dump correctly unless I had resistors in place. You may also need to fit a switching diode to pin 11 if you are not getting the correct FlashConfig (normal config being 0x1198010). I had no issues so there was no need for me to fit the diode.
    Just so there is no confusion on which pin is which.....
    Fit your D-sub hood and you're all done [​IMG] .

    now you must add the actual jtag wires

    Use this site to determine which motherboard type you have : [Click here to view the link]


    Zephyr, Falcon, Opus, Jasper JTAG Connections


    your end product should look like this.

    How to Dump the Xbox 360 NAND
    OK now that you have the Jtag and lpt Built you will need to download Xbins.
    Download: [Click here to view the link] or [Click here to view the link]

    Once the cable is ready and double checked, grab nandpro20b from Xbins
    Go to the following directory in xbins
    /XBOX 360/development/kernel/nand tools/NandPro/
    64 Bit OS's only
    If you have a 64 Bit OS you will also need this.
    Download: [Click here to view the link]

    Download this and Extract inpout32.dll from Win32 folder to nandpro folder. Rename inpout32.dll to DLPortIO.dll

    also skip Step 2 Below

    Seting up Nandpro
    1. Make new folder named "Nandpro20b" then extract the content of the rar file into this folder.
    2. In the Nandpro20b folder there is a prgram called "port95nt.exe" run that to install the drivers. Then you are ready.
    NandPro should work with all windows OS's. If you are using Vista and 7 you may need admin rights and XP Compatibility on.

    Now lets start reading the Nand
    Plug the power cable into the back of the 360 and into the wall so it has its power source. But do not turn on the 360 as it is not required. All you need to do is plug in the power cable and continue.

    1. Click Start
    2. Select run
    3. Type CMD
    4. Now in the command window you will need to type the command to change the directory were you save your nand dump.
      cd C:Nandpro20b
    5. Now in the command window you will need to type the command to read.
    For Xenon, Zephyr, Flacon, Opus and 16mb Jasper's(No internal memory)
    C:Nandpro20bnandpro.exe lpt: -r16 nand1.bin
    For Jasper's with 256mb Internal memory.
    C:Nandpro20bnandpro.exe lpt: -r256 nand1.bin
    For Jasper's with 512mb Internal memory.
    C:Nandpro20bnandpro.exe  lpt: -r512 nand1.bin
    You will need to do what you just did twice, do change the 1 in "nand1.bin" to a 2 "nand2.bin"

    How to check if your NAND dumps are identical.

    Download Total commander.
    Download: [Click here to view the link]
    1. Open Total Commander.
    2. Click File
    3. A new window will open. Open on nand dump for file one and open the second dump for file
    4. Then click Compare
    5. If it says file are identical you are set to continue. If it does not say that. I suggest you go back and dump 1 or 2 more times.
    If your two dumps are identical. Congratulations. You have successfully dumped your Xbox 360 NAND. Now you can continue.

    Getting you DVD key
    Download 360 Flash Dump Tool v0.91
    Check the first two Boxs and enter your cpu key
    You will now have the dvd key to flash to your drive.
    Now your done and should have a working dvd key

    Check Firmware Tutorials section for a tutorial how to flash it to your drive

    Credit For parts taken from How to do the JTAG Hack/Dump NAND/Xell by EclipseModz

    I put this Tutorial together from a few different ones to help people who are always asking how to get there dvd key back in the support section.
    Hope it Helps someone.

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    wow, it looks like you put a lot of time into this, +rep for you! buddy
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    yay just what i needed, i have a few consols where ive gone and lost the key for the drive, Thanks for the post
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    Cant you just dump your NAND and read from that without jtagging?
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    I have two questions.I am willing to do this jtag to recover my dvd key.
    Will it work of course with hdmi version if it is jtagable?
    Second,I want to dump back my nand after I am done to put back the original one.
    Then I will remove all hardware modifications.Will it be safe for me to be online after that?
    Thanks!Great work and tutorial!
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    is there a tool that i can just buy that can dump my drive firmware i just wana use my xkey thats all
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    Is it necessary the glitch chip in order to run xell for getting the CPU Key?
    I followed the steps until reboot after xell installation, but it doesn't boot (3 red led after few seconds).
    If i restore stock nand, xbox will boot normally whitout issues.

    Tomorrow i will tr to change diodes ( i onli have 2* 1N4007 Diodes)

    Any help is appreciated,