How to play Wii Backup games from an External USB harddrive

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    In this tutorial you will learn how to play backup games on your Wii from an External USB hard drive.
    How to play Wii backups from External USB Hardrive

    Pre-Modded Wii: I used this great tut here Credits to burritoboy9984
    SD Card
    An External Harddrive
    CFG USB Loader
    Wii Backup Manager
    ISO's you would like to play (Find them yourselves, I do not support pirating games.)
    I have put the above files in a folder named [Click here to view the link]. Download them before you follow the tutorial.

    Step One:
    You will need to format your external Hard drive.There are many different ways to format a hard drive, I use [Click here to view the link] But whatever way you do it will work except the windows built in formatter. It doesn't allow FAT32 partitions over 32GB.

    Step Two:
    Now we are going to add games to the formatted external hard drive, Make sure you have your game ISOs ready. Now open up Wii Back Up Manager. Which is in the "Pc" folder in the file you downloaded.[​IMG] Go the the Drive 1 tab and select "drive" and select the external hard drive you plan to use for this tut.
    It will ask if you wish to create a folder. Say yes.
    This is where the Wii games will be stored.
    Now go back to the "file" tab and select "add than file" navigate to the folder where the ISOs are.
    Select them. Now the ISOs should appear in the list.
    Select the ones you wish to put on the drive.
    Now go to the "transfer" tab and select drive 1. Your files will now be transferring to the hard drive.

    Step Three:
    Now let's move on the the actual CFG USB loader. By now you should have extracted the folder you download somewhere on you pc.
    Extract the contents onto the root of your SD card exactly as I have them in the "SD" Folder.
    Now insert the SD card into the Wii.
    Also plug your external hard drive in the USB closet to the corner of the Wii,

    Finally turn on your wii and load the Homebrew Channel.
    Select the USB loader and A list of your ISOs should pop up. Select the one you wish to play and press "A" than "A" again. Enjoy!

    Coming soon! How to use Ocarina codes with CFG usb loader, both custom codes and CFG downloaded codes! Also how to run your movies and homebrew BOTH from your external hard drive!

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    ggod post man this should help alot of people who dont know how to load via external HDD :smile:
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    Thank ya.