How to mod Gran Turismo 5

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    Hey guys, Today, I'm going to show you how to mod GT5!

    Jailbroken PS3
    blackb0x FTP homebrew installed on ps3
    A FTP client installed on your PC (I will be using FileZilla)

    (If you don't want to create a new account and have played GT5 before, skip to step 3)
    Step 1:
    If you don't want to overwrite you current progress, make a new user. Otherwise your information can't be recovered

    Step 2:
    Start up GT5 on the new user account, and create a new game. Get all the way up to the point where you have to buy a used car with the 20,000Cr they give you. When you are able to browse the dealerships, quit back to the XMB.

    Step 3:
    Open the homebrew application under games, blackb0x FTP.
    You should be greeted with a simple screen that has an IP address in the middle of the screen. Now its time to open up your FTP application on your PC.

    Step 4:
    In the FTP program, enter the IP address that the PS3 application gave you. Hit connect on your PC application.

    Step 5:
    That is the Ps3 HARD DRIVE. You do not want to mess around in there!
    What your going to do is browse to this location: /dev_hdd0/home
    -Click dev_hdd0 folder, opening it
    -open the folder labeled "home"

    Step 6:
    Now that you are in the directory: "/dev_hdd0/home" You should see a couple folders named with numbers. Those folders are your user accounts. They go in order as they do in the Users section on the XMB.
    For example, lets say you have 3 User accounts named, 1, 2, and 3. The first folder in "/dev_hdd0/home" will be User 1. The second folder will be User 2. And the 3rd folder will be User 3. It's that simple.

    Step 7:
    Once you determined which account is which, open the folder of the account you want to swap the game save with. Now open the folder labeled "savedata". Yup, you guessed it, that's where all the game saves for that account will be. If it is a new User Account you made the GT5 save on previously (in step 2), you will only see 1 folder. In the US, the folder is named "BCUS98114-GAME". That is the GT5 game save folder.

    Step 8:
    Open up the GT5 game save. You should now see 5 files. Now open up the game save that I gave you. You should only have 2 files in the save that I gave you. Those 2 file names match 2 of the files in the game save on the PS3. Guess what you do with them? Replace them! Here's how:
    Take the 2 files and drag them into the game save folder labeled "BCUS98114-GAME" (Might vary for different country's). It should ask you to overwrite, hit yes, or overwrite all.

    Step 9:
    Back out of BlackB0x and start up GT5, go into GT mode and BAM!
    You just Modded Grand Turismo 5!

    Download the save [Click here to view the link]
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    thx this will help
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    looks like you put alot of time into this. very nice thanks
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    no there are 3 files and 2 pictures GT5.0 file, PARAM.PFD and PARAM.SFO im from uk when i add them all i get an error saying cant use someone else's account.


    Hey! The link is broken! Please, re-upload.

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    This thread's title should be "How to game save on PS3" because there's no modding involved. Using someone else's have done game save is not modding.
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    Can you repost the link for the save please? i cant find one anywhere else and have all the other files i need. Would appreciate it.

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    This will give me something to do while psns down
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    how do you use a game save thats not yours to use on gt5 reason for asking i have a gamesave/account but wont sign in to psn but have a secondary account that works online but dont want to start over in gt5 is there away i can use my old game save with my new psn account ? sorry for noob question new to ps3 modding :biggrin: