How to mod Dungeon Defenders [Eternia Crystal]

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    This is a TUT on how to mod Dungeon Defenders for Xbox Live!
    This is a long post so you may need to scroll down!

    1. Download Horizon [] and Eternia Crystal []

    2. Go to your xbox and move your Dungeon Defenders Save to your USB

    3. Plug your USB into your computer

    4. Open Up Horizon, click the tab on the right, then click games, Dungeon Defenders, then right click Dungeon Defenders Save and extract to desktop

    5. Open up Eternia Crystal, then click open on the top and then open your DunDefSave

    6. Theres your Bank wich is Mana and your inventory, then your characters

    6 Notes.
    Character Info, Max stats are 128
    Max level is 10000
    Max Xp is 2117483647
    The colors, your going to have to figure out!
    Also when you equip stuff on your character it will show on the right side of Eternia Crystal

    6 Notes.
    Item info, Characters stats are 128
    Damage on Guns/Weapons 2117483647
    Projectiles are 4
    Weapon range 128
    Weapon Range Damage 2117483647
    Element Damage 2117483647
    Knockback 128
    Charge Speed 128
    ATK Speed 4.00
    Reload SPD 128
    Clip Size 2117483647
    Projectiles SPD Bonus 1000
    The colors, your going to have to figure out!
    Also you can put these stats on every gun/weapon

    6 Notes
    Armor Info, All Character Stats Are 128

    7. When your done save!

    8. Go back to Horizon, drag DunDefSave from your desktop into Horizon, then Rehash Resign, then Save to device!

    9. Unplug USB from computer, plug it back into your xbox and then start Dungeon Defenders!

    10. Now your done!

    Please post below on what I missed :smile:

    I hope you guys enjoy my TUT :smile:

    I might make a TUT on how to use Hex :smile: