How to make PS3 EA Account?

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  1. daydie

    daydie Enthusiast

    Hey guys

    i want to get an EA accounts setup for PS3 marketplace.

    Can anyone help me and providing any information on how to do so. The only way which i think is possible is that i need to make a PS3 account and use a PS3 and run the FIFA 12 game.

    Cheers guys
  2. josepk54

    josepk54 Enthusiast

    i'd guess you need to do that to create an account. or have someone else do it but can you really trust people to do that for you?

    can anyone tell me how I set up an xbox UT account (without buying an xbox and fifa, which I am tempted to do)? (i've a friend with an xbox that I can go round and do it on)

    p.s. ps3 market is ripe for an autobuyer - doesn't seem to be any decent ones running at the moment.