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How to install XELL reloaded?

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 Support Archive' started by trevorboultwood, Aug 29, 2011 with 1 replies and 8,115 views.

  1. trevorboultwood

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    hello people, long time no see!

    Little help, I have a JTAG I use it a fair amount. I have xellous as i prefer it. I would like the new xell reloaded because it looks pretty cool.

    Is there some how i can stall it with out using my nand x so pretty much installing it with flash 360? Thanks very much Trevor B
  2. Mr Crush

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    Just run this .XeX in some .XeX launcher(like .XeX Menu). Then, it will update i already but reloaded in the folder and renamed the file. I just did this Xell reloaded is great trust me, Enjoy!

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