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How To Install Packages on Your Jailbroken PS3

Discussion in 'PlayStation 3 Modding & Tutorials' started by Trammell, Jan 22, 2011 with 5 replies and 21,104 views.

  1. Trammell

    Trammell Banned

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    How To Install Packages on Jailbroken Consoles
    By Trammell

    This tutorial will show you How To Install Homebrew Packages on your Jailbroken PS3.



    Jailbroken Console
    USB Flash Drive or UBS External HDD FAT 32 Format
    Package You Want To Install


    For this tutorial I am going to be using Rogero Manager 7.9a which can be downloaded here.

    Step 1: Download the package you want to install.

    Step 2: Place the PKG file you downloaded on the root of your USB Drive, like so


    Step 3: Remove USB Drive from your PC and plug it in to your PS3

    Step 4: Go to the Games category on your PS3 and click the icon that say "Install Package Files"


    You should now see all the packages that you have on your USB Drive.

    Step 5: Click the PKG you want to install, when you press X the package will start to install right away.

    Step 6: When it is done installing you will press O and you should now see the package you installed.


    Congratulations you have successfully installed a package on your Jailbroken PS3

    Items Used In This Tutorial:

    Waninkoko 3.55 CFW

    Rogero Manager 7.9a.
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  2. Swagg3r

    Swagg3r Swag, Yolo, uMadBro???

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    Great TuT....i was think of posting something like this but you made this with pics and made it much better than what mine was gonna be
  3. DrZimbabwe

    DrZimbabwe sup bruh

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    I would hope people knew how to do this because it's so simple but it looks good so Nice Trammell.
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  4. ConsoleHackers

    ConsoleHackers Member Since 2010

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    Made a video for this like 2 days ago nice tutorial.
    Code (Text):
  5. reddead11

    reddead11 Newbie

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    what does rogero manager do?
  6. OhTargetz

    OhTargetz Getting There

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    Great tutorial man