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Xbox 360 How to get all the Vampire Lord/Werewolf perks really fast!

Discussion in 'Skyrim' started by NickMez, Jul 4, 2012 with 4 replies and 4,937 views.

  1. NickMez

    NickMez Enthusiast

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      • This is a really easy way to get all of the new perks in the Dawnguard DLC, and it's extremely fast!Just follow these steps!
      • Prerequisites: You must have the Dawnguard DLC, must be either a werewolf or vampire lord, and you CANNOT have the civil war quests completed!
      • Step 1. Go to Solitude and join the Imperial Legion
      • Step 2. Complete all of the Civil War quests EXCEPT the ones in Eastmarch (Windhelm's hold)
      • Step 3. Go to the Imperial Camp in Eastmarch.
      • Step 4. Get your orders from Legate Rikke to go to Fort Amol
      • Step 5. Before you enter the Fort, during the battle, morph into the werewolf/vampire lord
      • Step 6. Start killing EVERYONE in the fort (Seriously, kill everything that moves, the more the better!)
      • Step 6. Once you have taken over the fort, soldiers will continue to spawn in four spots, all are very close to the main gate you should have entered from. (2 are inside the fort, 2 are just outside)
      • Step 7. Kill everything that moves.
      • Step 8. Once you feel as if you have killed enough, click B (or circle?)
      • Step 9. Apply every perk you can to your liking.
      • Step 10. If you do not have enough kills, then back out of the lvl up menu, and kill more!
      • Step 11. If you feel like having some fun, and are a vampire lord, you can basically just stand in the middle of a frenzy of soldiers trying to kill you the bats will keep you alive, or you can just be a BAMF and kill EVERYTHING.
      • Step 12. Once you get bored, or have finished the perks, RUN away from the fort, get to a safe distance, then revert form, the soldiers will cease attacking, and you will be free to go!​
      • If you like this tutorial +1! Happy hunting everyone!​

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  2. Skyler

    Skyler Enthusiast

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    Nice tut. I never though of this, to bad I don't have Dawngurd yet. I'm waiting for the price to go down.
  3. Mad6amer

    Mad6amer Enthusiast

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    unlikely many people are buying it with the price if people buy they make more money if people don't buy they lower the price
  4. Kylethecule

    Kylethecule Newbie

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    this man does economics , and so do I , and hes right even i bought dawnguard , get it now because waiting for a dscount will take forever considering the demand for dawnguard, because of how many people have beaten all the other questlines
  5. Skyler

    Skyler Enthusiast

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    Meh, I have time and no money lol. So it will be a while for me.