How to get 1Channel on your jailbroken Apple Tv

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    In the past few weeks users with jailbroken Apple Tv's using applications such as Icefilms have been having some difficulties using the program, Icefilms essentially gets movies from sites such as RapidShare and FileShare and streams them to your Apple Tv. Recently these sites have made it so streaming pretty much doesn't run as flawless as it did previously needing other programs to do what Icefilms once did. The most recent program that does this is 1Channel which seems to run flawlessly and has a larger library, this is quite easy and will only require you to download a Zip file and SSH into your Apple Tv.

    You are first going to need to download this [Click here to view the link], once downloaded do not extract it, keep it as it is.

    From here you are going to need to SSH into your Apple Tv
    Mac- [Click here to view the link]
    Windows- [Click here to view the link]
    Open which ever SSH program you have and start a new connection
    *To find your Apple Tv's IP go onto the device > Setting > General > Network* The IP should be on this screen
    Type in your IP and enter the Username and Password *Root:Alpine*


    Go to the /Private/var/ folder, from there you need to open the Mobile Folder then you can now drag in the Zip file you downloaded into the Media Sub Folder

    The rest needs to be done within XMBC on the Apple TV:

    Go to XMBC > System > Settings > addons > Install from ZIP File> Find the Media Folder and open the zip file. It will install a repo containing the program. Go back to the XMBC menu > Videos > Addons > Get More and it should be the first one there, install it and you are ready to go.
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    i know this is legit as ive been using this for a long time. you can do this with firstrowtv and many other adult stuff :smile:
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