How To Create a Competitive Pokémon Team

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    How To Create A Competitive Pokémon Team
    Written By: PAC-MAN

    Step 1: Find out what tier you desire to play in.

    A tier is the category of play. The most popular of tiers are 'Never-Used' (NU), 'Under-Used' (UU), 'Over-Used' (OU), and Uber. The most powerful Pokémon are Uber, the highest rank, while the weaker Pokémon are NU, the lowest tank. Uber > OU > UU > NU. All of these tiers have designated Pokémon that go in each category. In each tier, you may use Pokémon from the category below, but not from a category above. For example, You may use a UU Pokémon in an Uber game, but you cannot use an OU Pokémon in a NU game. You can find a list of all Pokémon, and what tier they are in on, the leading competitive Pokémon forums.

    Step 2: Find out what your play style is.

    Your play style is everything in Pokemon, you can't just throw in 6 Pokémon on your team, and just hope for the best, you must analyze how you prefer to play. Some people really enjoy playing with just 'Wall' Pokémon, some like to mix 'Walls' with 'Sweepers,' and sometimes even 'Tanks.' As I know someone will ask what a 'Wall,' 'Sweeper,' and 'Tank' is, I will just list their definitions, to the best of my ability, below. There are a few other types of Pokémon, but I will post that in the 'Extra's' Section.

    Wall - A Pokémon made specifically just to block, and take attacks. These Pokémon usually can't dish out attacks, but support the team by setting of entree hazards, poisoning the enemy Pokémon, setting up screens, ect.
    Sweeper - A Pokémon made specifically just to attack. Most sweepers are very frail, and will usually get OHKO, or One Hit Knock Out.
    Tank - A very special type of Pokémon indeed. It is a mix of a wall, and a sweeper. A tank can take the role of either. They are very bulky, usually able to take a few hits, and can also give the damage right back at the opposing Pokémon.

    I would suggest a team of two (2) 'Walls,' one physical, one special, one (1) 'Tank,' and 3 'Sweepers,' two (2) physical, and one (1) special. These teams are very well balanced, and come in great success.

    Step 3: Find all of your Pokémon's weaknesses, and cover them.

    This may be a little tricky for some of you, but after your first couple of times doing it, you will soar right through this process. If you plan on having the strategy I gave to you in the last section, make sure that your 'Walls' cover each other's weaknesses, and make sure that they do not share a weakness, that would be one of the worst possible thing to happen to your team, and you would have to start all over. The easiest way to do this is go to [Click here to view the link] link, and type in your Pokémon, to see if they cover each other. It would be a good idea if you were able to have your 'Walls' cover your 'Tank's' weaknesses as well. If your 'Sweepers' aren't that bulky in special, or physical defense, or HP, you might as well not even worry about them, and not include them in the picture of weaknesses, or resistances because chances are that they will be OHKO'd.

    Step 4: Predict

    A prediction could meaning clutching the game, or losing. Try to learn what your opponent will do in the current situation, and follow up with your move.

    Usually, when something is a bad set-up for the opponent, they will switch out, and your opponent assumes the same from you. For example, if your opponent has a Squirtle, and you have a Charmander, your opponent may assume that you will switch into something that can resist the water move, so he will thing you will go into Bulbasaur for take the water, so your opponent could possibly use a fire type attack, so that he or she can take out one of your Pokémon easier.

    Most people are predictable of what they are going to do in certain situations, so this could be your chance to get some shut eye, and use rest, or use a stat raising move, or even use substitute.

    Step 5: Breeding

    Breeding your Pokémon is the most important of all of this. Your IV's, EV's, and Nature are what make your Pokémon stronger, or weaker.

    First, we will start off with IV's. IV is short for 'Individual Value.' You will have to go onto a website that that has an IV calculator on it, like '' to see what IV's you have per stat. IV's start from 0, and end in 31. 0 is the lowest, while 31 is the highest. Simple? Yes. the closer the IV is to 31, the stronger it is in each stat.

    Note: This thread is nowhere near complete. I will be adding more and more as the days go by.
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    Make sure you include EVs, IVs, how nature can impact stats ect.
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    I'm sorry, but I highly disagree with the tiers you have and how you explain them. I have A LOT of NU pokes on my Wifi/OU team (peaked 4th on Smogon) and they can sweep better than most OU pokes. Flygon, for an example; The child of Garchomp... He could wreck anything from 2HKO WishProtect Blissey, and even OHKO some dragons.

    Other than that, great guide! You might want to include something about 'themed-teams', like Drizzle teams, or sunnyday teams. even though weather is whored in 5th like a champ.