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Free Flixpress $5 Credit for YOUTUBE Intros

Discussion in 'Deals' started by Flispa, Jul 14, 2012 with 5 replies and 18,139 views.

  1. H E A V E 7V S

    H E A V E 7V S Enthusiast

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    Free $5 credit for Youtube Intros. Go sign up at Flixpress.com if you don't have an account already. Once your registered go to My account>Gift Codes>Promotion Code Then enter FB100FP. Create intros while the promo is still up. Limited time only. You can create multiple accounts to get more... Enjoy!

    Here's the original source:
    (the promo code is the same for all users so you can skip to step 4)

    Like us on Facebook and get $5 of FREE CREDIT!
    No purchase necessary! Get free credit and stay up to date with our latest promotions, new templates and themes, technology updates, and freebies. Claiming your free credit is easy and fast. Just follow these simple steps:
    1. Go to our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/flixpress
    2. Click on the like button on the right below the banner
    3. Click on the "Only for Likers" tab below the banner to get your free $5 coupon code
    4. Log-in to your Flixpress.com account, and use the code in the "My Account > Gift Codes" section as a "Promotion Code". $5 credit will be added to your account.
    Hurry! The promotion ends July 19th, 2011.
  2. Buzz Lightyear

    Buzz Lightyear Young Moolah Baby Retired

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    Don't really care for the credit. I'm just glad I have finally come across a source to purchase an intro for my channel.

    Now I just need to find what would be considered decent and bam!
  3. ROHLY20

    ROHLY20 nom

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    What's your YouTube?

    OP: I may use this in time. Or a friend of mine may. Thanks.
  4. KillZacular

    KillZacular Getting There

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    This is an amazingly helpful post! Although I love most of their intros I doubt I will use them often since I am judged by my work as an editor and a template intro may hurt my customer base lol. Maybe for my lazy game play videos.
  5. EmoProductions

    EmoProductions Experienced Member

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    Sweet!! IT Works!! Thanks Bro!! :)
  6. H E A V E 7V S

    H E A V E 7V S Enthusiast

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    No problem.